Loving Tan Review

Hello Summer!!! Who else is enjoying the summer sun so far? Avalon and I have been outside more than ever and I have been applying that SPF 50 every time, so even though we happen to be in the sunshine a lot so far this summer, I have not really gotten a good tan developing yet, … More Loving Tan Review

Faux Sunshine

It’s that time of year when the temperatures start getting warmer and clothes start showing more skin. I am always shocked with the paleness of my skin come this time of year — I mean, I’m almost iridescent pink! Shout out to my friend who will flat out tell me to go get a spray … More Faux Sunshine

My Deodorant Line-up

Okay, who else is always on the hunt for a deodorant sans aluminum that ACTUALLY works? I know I am so I’ve finally put together a list of my top 3 choices for anyone out there who wants less stinky underarms without the harmful effects of aluminum. First of all, quick lesson for those that are … More My Deodorant Line-up

Got Milk?

Hi Loves!  This post is for all my nursing moms,moms-to-be out there and friends/sisters/husbands of nursing moms too!  I did a nursing photo shoot with my sweet Avalon in November and it made me reflect back on our breastfeeding journey, especially those early days of learning HOW to breastfeed — and remembering how HARD it was for … More Got Milk?