Parasol Diaper Review

Hi Loves!  Who else is tired on this Monday morning?  I know I am!  Venti coffee please!

I wanted to share a review with all those fellow moms out there about the latest diaper subscription I tried out recently.  Even if you’re not a mom, this info might be helpful when shopping for a baby shower gift or helping out those new moms that might be in your life, like a sister or a friend.

As non-interesting as this may sound, as a mom, I actually look forward to keeping this daily task as fun as possible.  I’ve been a loyal Honest & Co customer since my little one arrived last November, and I do love the cute diaper patterns and the fact that they are made without any harsh chemicals, however, I found another company on Instagram and couldn’t help but envy the prints.  I did some additional research, and found out that the diapers were also baby-safe and eco-conscious – so I made the decision to put my Honest subscription on hold and give this new company a try.

Parasol diapers are ADORABLE!  They have a few collections to choose from and each collection has two prints that you’ll go crazy for.  Dream, Delight and Discover are the collection names and I think you can’t go wrong with any option you chose.  I went with Dream and LOVE the patterns.  I was impressed with the website and how easy it was to order and choose how often I want my diapers delivered.  I chose to go with the diaper/wipe combo, but if you’re looking to just get diapers, it’s nice that you have that option as well.

When my shipment arrived, the packaging was very organized and attractive sitting there on my front porch.  I had read that these diapers were uber soft and they really are!  I love how soft and pliable they are — this would have been so nice especially when my little one was a newborn and we were having to fold over the diaper to protect her healing belly button and because she was just so dang small.  But really, these diapers are SO soft – I love them!


Now… to test out the real reason for selecting diapers…do they actually work?   And I have to say I’m very impressed with how much these diapers hold and haven’t had one incident of a leak through moment AT ALL!  Even with some very messy situations, the diaper has held up very well.

I also LOVE the wipes.  They feel so thick and cloth-like, they are made with natural ingredients and I’ve been very impressed with how good they clean up messes.  My baby has had reactions to other “natural” wipes in the past, but no reactions to these ones, so I’m a happy mom knowing I’m using something that’s gentle on her skin.

So if you’re considering switching or if you weren’t but now you are after reading this, here are a few of my top reasons to make the change:

The pricing is about the same as Honest ($70-$85) and having a subscription is the way to go!  Having them show up on your doorstep makes life just a little easier.  The subscription is super flexible and you can select how often you want to receive your shipment, or put it on hold at any time.  I also LOVE that you can GIFT a subscription (you can choose to gift 1 month up to 12 months)!

I LOVE that you get a few packs of travel wipes with your shipment, these are so nice to just throw in the car, in the diaper bag or have on different floors of the house if you live in a 2 or 3 story home.  I also LOVE that the Parasol travel wipes contain 20 wipes.  Honest travel packs have 10 wipes, which last about 2 seconds, am I right?!?

These diapers are SO SOFT!  I mean….REALLY soft! Which actually seem to provide more comfort for my little girl, which I appreciate a lot.  I also appreciate that you don’t have to have separate overnight diapers – as these ones are great overnight.  We haven’t had even one incident of a leak through.

The patterns!  I just adore how cute and simple they are.  In the past, I really liked picking out a bunch of different patterns with my Honest shipments, but then I would sometimes get patterns I didn’t want because they were out of ones I selected.  Which isn’t a huge deal, but I like that you know exactly what you’re going to get when you select whichever collection you choose from Parasol.

Last, I’m picky about ingredients and this passed the test for me!  I feel good about using products that I know are good for my baby.

Are you sold on Parasol yet?  If so, please email me and I’ll send you a link for $20 off your first order. (via the contact page on my blog)

Click HERE to go to the Parasol website to check them out for yourself!


OMG – new diapers!

Attachment-1(2)How adorable is Avalon?  Those teeth!  Those feet!  I just can’t stop taking pictures.


These prints?  Are you kidding me?  I just LOVE them.


Avalon loves chilling on her changing table with her new Parasol wipes.  For some reason, these wipe packages keep her attention better than any toy at the moment.  I think she loves the crinkle sound and squishing them.


Happy baby = VERY happy mom.

Could this post contain the word LOVE any more?  haha  I just really LOVE Parasol Co!!!!

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