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Hi Loves!  Why does Monday morning always come too fast?  Am I right?!!?  Can we rewind to Sunday night?

Well I’m here to hopefully help your week get off to a great start…along with that coffee you’re probably enjoying about now.  I want to share with you a few of my go-to beauty tools (all of which are $25 or under!!!) that I find myself constantly grabbing for.  Let’s dive in!

Number 1 – Tweezerman Slant Tweezers

These tweezers are seriously the best ones I’ve ever used, they stay so sharp and you just can’t beat the precision they have when finding those little tiny hairs to tweeze.  Another thing I love about these tweezers is that if they ever get dull, you just send them to Tweezerman and they will sharpen them, make them like new and send them back to you….ALL FOR FREE!  How amazing is that?  I also really like the slant style tweezers because the sharp end is great for getting those stubborn ingrown hairs and then the slant part is great for tweezing those random brow hairs & grabbing those false lashes to put on. Basically I keep these handy at all times in my beauty product collection.  If you haven’t bought Tweezerman tweezers before – now is the time!   You can find these at several stores; Target, Ulta, Sephora — but I linked Bed, Bath & Beyond here because you can use one of those 20% off coupons (we all have a ton of those laying around, right?) and get a killer deal on your new pair of tweezers!  Happy shopping!  One last tip about storing your tweezers, make sure you keep & use that little plastic thingy that the tweezers come with, this helps keep them uber sharp.  Another plus to storing them with their ends pressed together is that it keeps the spring loaded function in good shape which really does help when grabbing those little hairs.


Number 2 – BeautyBlender

I was late to the party on this one.  I was SO skeptical!  How could a $20 sponge be so amazing?  Well…I finally bought one and I LOVE it.  I use it every single day.  I bought the original for myself and I bought the pro one for my makeup kit, and I love both.  The trick to this sponge is getting it wet and full of water prior to use, then using it (damp) to dab in whatever cream based product you’re using – moisturizers, primers or foundations. Because it doesn’t have any hard/square edges, it won’t leave any lines when blending foundation AND because it’s full of water, it doesn’t absorb your product so whatever you use is going on your face and not just being absorbed by your sponge. If you have dry skin especially, this product tends to leave your skin feeling extra moisturized.  When you dab the product into your skin, you get a really flawless finish.  I have to admit, I was hesitant to spend the money on this one, but I’ve been using mine religiously now for 9 months.  I do keep it clean (using the BeautyBlender blendercleanser solid), which I think also helps it stay in tip top shape.  Pictured are my original when it’s full of water (the pink one) and the pro (the black one) when it’s not full of water so you can see the size difference once you get it wet, along with the cleanser I use with these guys.


Number 3 – MAC 221 Mini Tapered Blending Brush

This has been my go-to brush for SO many things for SO many years!  I love this brush!   I feel like if you’re only going to invest in a few brushes, this should be one of them (or one that has a similar shape/style).  This brush works on all eye shapes!  I use this on everyone I’ve ever done makeup for.  The shape lends itself to getting the perfect blend when applying eye shadow – it gets the product right where it needs to go because of it’s tapered shape.  You can press a little more firmly to get product blended in a larger area using more of the bristles, but the tip of the brush allows for very precise application as well.  I can’t rave enough about this one!   Most people who ask for makeup help simply need the right tools to ensure they are applying product correctly – and THIS is one of those tools.  This brush is also great for doing some specific contouring on the face as well (around nose/cheekbones) or applying under eye creams/concealers.  Basically, this is a multi-use product that is amazing to add/have in your collection.  A lot of similar style brushes have more brush hairs stuffed into the handle and the hairs aren’t quite as tapered, which makes blending a little more challenging, so be sure to look for a good taper and not too thick of a brush if you’re trying to copy this style from another brand.  🙂


Number 4 – Crystal Nail File

You will never have to buy another nail file in your life!  Well…unless you lose this one and need to replace it.  haha   This is a nail file for the ages – it’s washable, durable and best at sealing that nail cuticle for healthy nail growth when filing your nails.  I actually have a full size one of these AND a handy travel size one that I found in Prague that I carry around in my diaper bag with me.  There is nothing worse than having a jagged nail on the go and nothing to immediately file it down so it doesn’t keep snagging on things.  A lot of people use nail files with too harsh of a grit on them which leads to damaging your nails and breaking them down, which prevents them from being healthy.  This nail file is gentle and promotes healthy nail growth.  If you have damaged, thin or brittle nails – invest in a crystal file to help those nails get back into shape!


Number 5 – MAC 219 Pencil Brush

Alright…who loves a good smokey eye?   I know I do and this is the brush that easily transforms your eyeliner into a smokey eye.  If you apply your liner, just “smoke it out” with this brush using a light blending back and forth motion and you’ll get that smokey eye look in no time!  I love this brush for that very reason.  Another reason I love this brush is for those of you with smaller eye shapes because it can be challenging to get eye shadow in the right area on your lid because most brushes have too many brush hairs getting shadow everywhere you don’t want it – which is hard to then correct.  You can apply shadow and still blend it well with the narrow and small tapered brush shape, genius application!


So there you have it – FIVE of my go-to beauty items that all cost less than $25 each!  What other products do you use every day?  Would love to hear from you about your go-to’s!

Until next time…

Kisses from Sarah K


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