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Hi Loves!  I hope everyone is having a great start to October.  I keep seeing posts about how Christmas is just around the corner – crazy how it always just creeps up on us so quickly.  So in preparation for the holiday season, I thought I would blog about my current bag obsession and if you’re in search of a new one – maybe you can add this to your wish list for Santa.

I was turned on to Fawn Design by a few fellow moms that I saw carrying this bag, then I started to see it all over social media by some other bloggers I follow.  I was obsessed but every time I checked the website to order it – out of stock!  I signed up to get their email updates and finally they announced that the bags would go on sale again – they listed a date and an exact time even.  Geez – this must be a big deal so I literally set my alarm on my phone to go off at this time so I could log on and order my bag.  I picked out which color I wanted in advance so I could just snag it up quick.  On the release day, my alarm went off and I ordered my bag in about 1 minute.  I checked the website about an hour later and again – all sold out!   So warning — if you want this bag, you might have to go through some effort and time management to get it.  I think the Plum color (which is gorge) is the only one in stock right now – so sign up for their emails so you get updated on upcoming release dates!  They have it in so many amazing colors!  I chose to go with classic black.


Okay – why do I love this bag?   First, it’s simple and stylish – which is why I knew I immediately had to have it.  I had a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag when Avalon was first born, and it was okay, but I definitely didn’t LOVE it.  And funny enough, my husband hated that bag.  He seems to have strong opinions about diaper bags I guess – lol.   Next, I LOVE that the Fawn Design bag can be a cross body bag OR a backpack.  I prefer to have my hands free because I’m carrying a ton of other things so I’ve been carrying mine like a back pack everywhere I go.  And last, I love how much I can fit into this bag!   It just seems to have the right amount of pockets in all the right places on the outside AND the inside.  And it’s very well made – from the zipper to the straps – I’m so happy with how sturdy this bag feels.  I get compliments on it constantly.   Also…Casey (the hubby) doesn’t mind wearing this bag when we are out and about either – so that’s a plus too!

The bag arrived super fast – which I was surprised about.  I think I got it about 3 days after I ordered it.  I don’t know why I was expecting it to take longer, but I was prepared to wait a couple of weeks so I was glad I didn’t have to.  And shipping was free – huge bonus!  It arrived in a cute linen tote, which I appreciate because I do try to take good care of my bags and store them in their totes when I’m not using them.


Another reason why I love this bag is because it supports a fellow mom, it’s a small business and I love that.  My only regret is not also purchasing the tassel keychain as a cute accessory to clip on the bag!   I should have scoped those out before I placed my order so I could have gotten it shipped for free with my bag.

I wanted to give you an idea of everything I fit in my Fawn Design bag so here’s a little look inside….


This bag is so easy to wear as a backpack…my go-to style these days.


But the cross body strap is awesome to have too!


Follow @fawndesign on Instagram and don’t forget to sign up for their emails if you want to get in on the next sale!  They say it will be sometime in October so keep your eyes peeled!

Here is a link to their website –  They have cute accessories too so don’t forget to check those out.  AND you can take a full “tour” of the bag on their site!

Have a great day everyone!

Kisses from Sarah K





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