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I wanted to cover a few products that I recommend for all those busy peeps out there.  Which is pretty much everyone these days, right?  Whether you travel constantly, work all the time or you’re a busy mom on the go…or all of the above – these products help make life a little easier on those days where you’re just trying to keep your head above water.  Now let’s dive in.

Time Saver #1 – Micellar Water

This is a cleanser that’s been around for hundreds of years!  That’s right – HUNDREDS! It was actually created for Parisians in France back when they had really harsh water supply.  Micellar water is made up of tiny oil molecules called micelles put into a soft water.  Micelles are attracted to oil and any other dirt we collect on our faces throughout the day (or night), they draw out impurities without stripping the skin of our natural oils.  No need to rinse at all!  Isn’t that awesome?  I seriously love this stuff!  I used it on my lazy days but I also will use it to remove my makeup at the end of a long day too, and on the days I just don’t feel like going through the whole process of washing my face.  I usually don’t feel the need to use a toner on the days I use this stuff as well.  It’s just such a nice product to have and I can’t say enough good things about it.  Especially when traveling, I feel like this would be a go-to item for my pack list (in a travel size of course).

The one I have, I bought at Target – La Roche Posay Micellar Water


Whatever brand you decide on, just make sure they haven’t added any of those bad ingredients I always mention.  Less is more when studying those ingredient labels!

Time Saver #2 – Tinted Sunscreen/Moisturizer

Choosing a product that achieves multiple benefits in one step can be a major time saver for busy mornings. Having a moisturizer that has sunscreen AND a tint combines 3 steps into 1 – can’t beat that!  I’ve tried so many sunscreens that aren’t moisturizing enough to use as my daily moisturizer, and then I’ve tried moisturizers that have sunscreen but don’t seem to blend or absorb well, or tinted moisturizers that just don’t have the coverage I want so it’s hard to find a product that truly will replace all 3 items. Now on days I want to get all put together – I definitely use 3 separate products; a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation, because I feel like that gives me the best results with my skincare routine.  But for travel or those days you just don’t have time, this product is a must!

The one I love is Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream.

I love this one because of the SPF 30, how moisturizing it is and because the tint is significant enough that I feel comfortable wearing it alone.  I am not of a fan of tinted moisturizers that don’t give any coverage…..I need a little extra something.  I wear the Buttercream 03 color just to give you a little color reference if you’re trying to find your shade online.


Time Saver #3 – Top Knot or Loose Side-Braid

This is probably already a go-to for everyone reading this on days where you’re in a rush to get out the door and don’t have time to wash that hair of yours.  Or you’re like me, and purposefully don’t wash your hair until you absolutely have to.  Throwing that hair in a top knot gives you a put-together look and takes about 2 seconds.  And typically hair that isn’t combed through already will stay up in a top-knot better than freshly brushed and detangled hair.  So leave that hair messy and just wrap it around itself and top knot it!  Another go-to is a loose side braid.  You can rub some Moroccan oil through your strands and do an easy three-strand braid starting near the nape of your neck and voila! – this took 1 minute and you look like you’ve put extra effort into your style for the day.  Or if you have hair that can air-dry, I feel like applying some Moroccan oil to wet strands and then leaving for the day help it look a bit more polished.  Here I am sporting my half-up top knot.

Naked Pigment

Time Saver #4 – MAC Cream Colour Base

This product is approved for use on your lips, face AND eyes – which is a rare find.  You could find a color that you could literally use on all 3 and just carry this one item around – which is especially nice for travel when you don’t want to be packing a long list of beauty products.  I will say that if eye shadows tend to crease on you, this will do the same, so don’t forget a primer if you plan to apply this to your eyelids.  However, even if you just use this for your cheeks and lips – that’s still a win!   A few of my fave colors in this product are rich coral, vintage rose and root.


Time Saver #5 – Eye Brow Gel

Eye brows are probably one of the most important features on your face so it’s nice to have something that still gives those brows a little something without having to take the time to perfectly draw and/or fill them in.  Sadly, my eye brows are disappearing even as I type this. lol  They get thinner and thinner every year that goes by – and I didn’t have much to start with.  Even on days where I don’t wear much makeup, I still feel the need to put on my brows in order to look decent.  My brows definitely take some extra effort, but if you already have at least some hair there, and a little shape – just add some brow gel to fill them in and be on your way.  This will give you a pulled together look without doing much else to your eyes.  Full and darkened eye brows help make you look fresh and polished.

My fave one right now is Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel


There you have it – products that help you feel put together even on your most busy days!

If you try anything or have another go-to product that saves time for you – please share!

Have a great night everyone,

Kisses from Sarah K

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