Eyeliner…are you winging it?

Hi Loves!  I’ve gotten a few requests all dedicated to eyes, whether it be eyeliner, eye creams or eyebrows — so I want to start with eyeliner and I’ll be working on posts to come for eye creams and eye brows too.  So what better day to dedicate to eyeliner than #WingingitWednesday and talk all about liner.  Aren’t we all winging it?  haha

So many people ask me for recommendations on eyeliner that actually stays put, won’t smudge and doesn’t easily transfer throughout your day!  So I’m here to fill you in on a few of my top choices after A LOT of trial and error.

I will say that the product you already have MAY work better if you first use a primer before you apply any eye shadow, liner, etc.  So my first recommendation is going to be a primer that you could buy and this will possibly enhance what you already have in your makeup drawer.  I have a few products I use as primers that I really like.

Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless 12 hour Smoothing Eye Primer

I love the cosmetic line, Tarte, I’ve been using more and more of their products because they are all paraben free, sulfate free….basically free of all the chemicals you should stay away from.  And I’ve been very impressed with the performance of this line on top of all that!

MAC Prep & Prime 24 Hour Extend Eye Base

I am a MAC junkie – and this product is a go-to of mine.  I love how it applies and how it works.  Can’t go wrong with adding this product to your routine to make sure your eye makeup will last all day long.

MAC Paint in Bare Canvas

I use this on almost everyone I do makeup for to make sure their eye makeup lasts.  It is awesome at creating a bare canvas for all your shadows/liners that you’ll apply after this product.  It’s more of an eye shadow base but literally works like a miracle at keeping your eye makeup last all day or night long.

With all of these primers, I think it’s best to apply them with a stiff bristle, short haired brush like the one I’ve pictured here (I use MAC 242) .  You can use your finger to apply with soft, gentle dabs to ensure you’re not just smearing the product all over your finger and eye, but using a brush will get you a better blend and application of the product.  The brush helps to get the product exactly where it needs to go and ensures your finger isn’t absorbing the product instead of your eyelid.


Okay – now that we’ve talked about primers, let’s get into eyeliners.  You probably won’t be surprised on my brand choices, but these are the ones that I use when I need makeup to stay put (especially for bridal makeup!), they have high quality ingredients and last a long time as well because a little goes a long way.

Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner

This stuff is seriously AMAZING!  It stays put all day long and it is waterproof without the nasty ingredients that typically make a product waterproof.  You do have to work quickly with this product as it does dry pretty fast – so if you make a little mistake you’ll need to act fast to get it off your skin or else you’ll have to use a makeup remover to get it off and then start over.  I use this with a small, slanted eye liner brush for a precise application. (MAC 266).  But you could use other eyeliner brushes that are out there like this one and this one, just depends on your preference.


MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline

Another amazing product!  You’ll need a brush (like any of the ones I mention above) to apply this one as well.  Can you tell I’m a fan of using a brush for eye liner?  I just feel like you can be a lot more precise with a brush and get more control out of the look you want to achieve, whether that be a super thin line, cat eye or some major wings – it’s all easily achieved with a brush over an actual pencil liner.  This is another product that’s super creamy, easy to apply, has awesome pigment and is meant to last all day.  This is my go-to on most days.

Ciate London Chisel Liner High Definition Tip

If you’re more of a fan of using a pen-like liner, this one is for you.  This formula is super pigmented, stays put and you can be very precise with it so whether you want an ultra thin line or thicken it and wing it out – you can do both with this one.  And if you’re not up for using a brush with a gel or not comfortable with it – sometimes a pen can be easier for the application process. This cosmetic line also is cruelty free, paraben free and vegan.

MAC PowerPoint Eye Pencil

This one is for you if you are used to using eye pencils and can’t seem to get comfortable using a gel or a pen.  This eyeliner is waterproof and stays put, however I will say it’s harder to be very precise with this type of product – and if you’re looking to get an ultra thin line, it’s hard to achieve unless this pencil is uber sharpened.  But again, if you just need a good eyeliner that stays put and you’re looking for a pencil, this one fits the bill.

MAC Pro Longwear Eye Liner

Again, if you need to have a pencil, this is another good option.  I added this one because it’s approved for use in your waterline – so if you like to line inside that waterline of yours, grab this one.  It is water resistant and another one that is long wearing.

I hope this information helps you find an eyeliner that fits your comfort level & your desired look!

Kisses from Sarah K


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  1. 10.12.16
    Rebecca Garrett said:

    Loved this post! I use MAC paint primer in bare canvas every day and I absolutely love it!

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