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Hi Loves!  Hope you all had an amazing weekend!  As fall gets more prevalent with leaves falling and temps cooling (barely), I’m reminded of how much I do really just love this time of year.  And as we head into fall and winter, it’s so important to pay attention to the changes in our skin and adapt accordingly with the products we use as the seasons change. And what a great time to do a brand highlight on this fall day about a local Colorado skincare brand that’s making major waves in the beauty industry.  If you’re looking to add some new products this fall & winter – this is a line you should look into.

A dear friend of mine who is an entrepreneur extraordinaire was the brain-child behind the new skincare line, CBD Care Garden.  Now, I knew I needed to get educated on this so I sat down with his amazingly smart business partner, who has a bio-med background by the way, to learn more about how CBD Care Garden came to be.  I didn’t even know what CBD stood for at first — now I know it’s cannabidiol which is a component in hemp oil.  She has a wealth of knowledge and I actually feel smarter after talking with her.  Haha  It was a good little science lesson for me.


CBD Care Garden uses SO many amazing ingredients to make a perfect formulation meant to give your skin the benefits intended from each.  I can tell you every ingredient was cherry-picked for a specific purpose.  It was so cool speaking to the brains behind the brand!  In addition to ingredients like coffeeberry extract, green tea and rice protein that are all wonderful, CBD Care Garden actually also uses 83 cannabinoids in their line, CBD Oil being the most widely known.  And that last part of the puzzle, CBD Oil, is something that you’ll more than likely see more of in the future in the beauty industry.  CBD Care Garden is making waves with this cutting edge technology and it’s so exciting to see a Colorado company making these huge strides and doing it well.

Did you know our body actually has a endocannabinoid system (ECS) right underneath our skin?  It’s true!  So these skincare products activate the receptors in our endocannabinoid system and stimulate cell turnover and help treat dry skin, heal inflamed skin (acne), among several other benefits, all without THC so these products are completely safe.

New studies being done worldwide show that CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant, even more powerful than Vit C, E or A (which actually also happen to be in hemp oil!).  All these antioxidants are proven to help fight the signs of aging.  CBD oil has also been studied and proven effective to treat eczema & psoriasis, and even more studies are being done to see how else we can benefit from this oil.

If you like to geek-out like me, here are a couple of studies I read in regards to CBD oil for its benefits HERE and HERE.

CBD Care Garden was formulated by bringing together a local skincare expert and holistic chemist to create this cutting-edge skincare line.  How awesome is that?   This product is born and raised in Colorado, just like me!  I love supporting local businesses so that makes me love this line even more.

A few of the products I’ve really enjoyed using in this line are below, and all are linked!  Buy them now as they are in their start-up mode and these prices may not last long.

Melt Body Butter


This stuff not only makes me feel like I’m on vacation because of the scent (without adding any synthetic fragrance which is a known skin irritant), but makes my skin feel like butter.  It rubs in super easy for a body butter which I can appreciate, and it melts into my skin which leaves me feeling super moisturized but without a caked on feeling that a lot of creams do.  A little goes a long way with this stuff!  It’s literally vacation in a bottle – just close your eyes and picture a beach and you’ll start your day off in the right state of mind.

Face Karma Facial Cleanser


This cleanser has become something I grab for in the evening to wash off the day.  I love how it gently lathers – it’s not a huge lather, but just enough to grab that dirt & makeup and wash it down the drain. Side note – a product that has a big lather typically has ingredients in it just to make it lather that don’t benefit your skin AT ALL!  So most products that are actually better for your skin don’t lather that much.  Okay – back to this face wash….my skin feels refreshed and perfectly cleansed when I use this, I can tell my skin isn’t being dried out or being stripped of my natural oils that are important.  I’ve definitely noticed an improved texture in my skin when using this.

Lip Gloss


This stuff goes on so smooth and feels like a lip balm all on it’s own.  I’m obsessed with NEEDING to constantly have moisture on my lips so I always carry a lip balm AND a lip gloss.  I’ve started to noticed that I don’t need both products with this lip gloss and I love that.  Also – the container is super awesome with a built in mirror & light. (pic below)


I hope you snag up some of these products and love them as much as I do, shop them all HERE.  One product that is currently in my cart is their deodorant – I’ve heard rave reviews and if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with deodorant.  I think my close friends are probably shocked I haven’t done a post dedicated to this topic yet.  But anyways – I’m so excited about the CBD Care Garden Deodorant so stay tuned for my opinion about this in a future post.

Have a great day everyone!

Kisses from Sarah K



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