Hi Loves!  It’s Monday and I’m ready to tackle this week head on!  Anyone else with me?

My sweet little girl had the opportunity to come to work with me on a shoot I did hair & makeup for and made her debut as part of a new brand campaign for Ems4Kids – which is a product we loved and used from the time she was born to protect those adorable ears of hers.  I mean, look at how adorable she is.

I was big on ear protection from the time she was born — and I think I owe that to my experience working at Cochlear for so many years.  (Cochlear is a company that makes amazing implantable hearing devices for all sorts of hearing loss.)  I really learned how important it is to protect our ears as adults, but even more importantly to protect our little babes’ ears!   Hearing loss is so prevalent and prevention is key.  Here is some light reading about some hearing loss facts that might surprise you, and make you immediately want to ensure you’re protecting your kids hearing from the time they are born and into childhood and beyond.


You might also recognize Ems4Kids if you watched any part of the Olympics – hello Boomer Phelps!  He became a star overnight with those cute little bubs on his ears.


Okay, here are a few of the reasons why I use & love these Ems4bubs so much.  They are super easy to throw into the diaper bag because they are compact, so we would always use them when we went to church.  The music is AMAZING at our church…and LOUD, so when Avalon was little she would sleep right through the service in her infant car seat with her little muffs on.  I also always put them on her when I vacuum at home and she’s in the same room as me.  She plays in her jumping jungle and the vacuum noise doesn’t scare or bother her. (She scares a bit easy) And of course we used them this last 4th of July during the fireworks show.  These are great for family music festivals, sporting events and any other atmosphere where the noise level is a bit much for our little ones.  I HIGHLY suggest you get a pair no matter how old your child is.  They have one for every age range – SHOP HERE!

And last, I have AWESOME news!  I’ve teamed up with Ems4Kids to do a GIVEAWAY!!!  (Giveaway is CLOSED now)

Enter on Instagram to win one of the following products – Ems4Bubs Baby EarMuffs, Ems4 Kids EarMuffs or a pair of Audio Headphones.  Follow the directions on my Instagram post and 3 winners will be selected on Wednesday evening – yay!!!

And I couldn’t be more proud of my little Avalon – seeing her on the Ems4Kids tradeshow booth just melts my heart!


Can’t wait to announce the winners on Wednesday!

Kisses from Sarah K



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