5 Tips to Improve Your Skin For Free

Hi Loves!  It’s Friday night and I just got home from a super exciting trip to Target.  You’re jealous, right?  haha  I love this boring life of mine though!

Okay, I wanted to do a post with some info that can literally benefit everyone’s skin in these cold months of the year…and the best part of it – all these tips are things you can do right away AND they don’t cost a dime!


1 – Don’t wash your face with hot water..or cold water for that matter

Extreme temperatures on your skin only irritate it, can cause extra dryness and could actually even cause blood vessel ruptures.  Always use lukewarm water! Especially if you already have any skin irritations like rosacea, uneven skin tone, dry patches, or acne — you name it.  But really, even if your skin is perfection, it’s just best to wash with warm water, never hot or cold.  And if you missed my post about a step people often forget when cleansing – read up on that here.

2 – Sleep for at least 7 hours

Your body regenerates while you sleep – but only if you get enough of it or else it completely disrupts a lot of what your body needs to do when sleeping.  They say getting at least 7 hours of sleep is the magic number for good skin. I know this task is not easy with little ones around, but it’s a good goal someday in life!  haha

3 – Drink lots and lots of water

We all know the benefits of drinking water throughout the day – it rids the body of toxins, can stimulate your metabolism, and you’re hydrating your body from the inside out, which is just as important as all those important night creams and serums we use.  So drink up!

4 – Sleep on your back

This one might surprise some of you, what does sleeping on my back have to do with improving my skin?  Well… when you sleep on your side or stomach and bury or nestle your face into those pillows night after night, you’re actually tugging at your skin and causing sleep lines to affect your skin permanently!  If you can’t switch to back sleeping, it’s a good idea to get a silky or satin pillow case that will slide against your skin instead.

5 – Drink green tea daily

So…I guess this one isn’t necessarily free, but still, it’s an easy and very affordable way to improve your skin.  Drink green tea DAILY to get all the benefits it has to offer – like high amounts of antioxidants, enzymes, B vitamins, caffeine, folate, potassium, and magnesium – all of which can have a positive impact on your skin.

So start today with a few of these to improve your skin this holiday season and have a great week!

Kisses from Sarah K



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