Beauty Trends that are OUT for 2017

Hi Loves!  2017 is practically here and we are going to be saying good-bye to a few beauty trends that have been everywhere in 2016.  Here is a list for you to ensure you’re not committing a faux-pas by keeping one of these trends alive in 2017!


It’s official – say goodbye to this trend because it’s out the door for 2017.  Highlighted ends were fun while they lasted. This two toned trend was all the rage, but a more natural look that you’ve been seeing more of is still in – it’s sister, bayalage, is still in.  So bayalage it up – but stay away from ombre if you want to stay on-trend this coming year.


We’ve seen it for years…Kim made this a standard practice in the beauty industry.  But spending excess time contouring all the lines of your face – well, it’s OUT in a big way.  What’s in for 2017 is strobing.  Which is a form of highlighting – much simpler and very elegant to show off some of your facial features.  Stay tuned on a strobing post coming soon.



Remember Lace on BIP?  Well, anytime she was on camera I think anyone who was watching was only thinking…”those girls eyes are about to take flight” because those lashes were just flapping in the wind waiting to catch some air.  LOL  But in all seriousness, having lashes so long that they are so obviously not the ones God gave you is no longer a trend you should be seeing in 2017.  Give it up!   A more natural looking false lash is what you’ll see more of in 2017. Even Lace said goodbye to those falsies!  And for the record, Lace is gorge and just didn’t need those long lashes taking away from her natural beauty.  🙂


You saw it – cutesy nail art was everywhere.  Whether it was someone celebrating Valentine’s Day with hearts and x’s and o’s all over their nails or someone with full on Hollywood themed party donned on their nailbeds (ahem.. Katy Perry), nail art was big.  And now it’s out and you should be taking a walk on the minimal side of town with designs that are simple and clean, like thin gold tape donned on black nails like pictured below.



This hairstyle was everywhere in 2016 – it looked good on everyone and almost every celebrity wore it at least once this past year. Well – this hairstyle is OUT for 2017 – say goodbye if you’ve been rocking this high maintenance style (it’s actually very hard to keep a lob not too short and not too long) and say hello to a lower maintenance fringe, messy cut.  It’s all the rage for 2017!


There you have it – let’s all say good-bye to some of these trends and say hello to new ones!  That’s the fun part about fashion and beauty – trends come and go – it’s fun staying on top of them….but we’re always certain to see these styles pop up again in the future with some new twist.  The cycle of style and the inspiration from where it comes is universal to everyone and I love being part of it.  Style gives us all a chance to express  our inner beauty in outwardly ways, it’s ever evolving and changing, and is just plain fun!  So have some fun with the new trends of 2017.

Tag me if you try any of these out and post pics!   Happy New Year Everyone!

Kisses from Sarah K



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