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Hi Loves!  I have been meaning to do this post FOREVER!!!   And I’m finally getting around to it so I hope you enjoy.

Eyebrows are probably THE MOST important feature on your face!  Trust me – they are!  And if you’re not paying attention to your brows, then you might want to start.  They frame and highlight the eye, which is a close second most important feature. Even on a makeupless day, well groomed brows can still give you a put-together look.

I have about the worst brows in the world!  They are horrible!  I am very jealous of beautifully thick and full brows!   Seriously guys – here is a pic of my “naked” brows and look how bad they are.

The hair is sparse and thinning as we speak, they also stop short and don’t extend far enough past my eye, I mean – seriously…they are a mess!  Here is a close up (embarrassing!!!)


I tend to make sure my brows are on even if I’m running out of the house without much makeup on – my brows are a priority over mascara!  I swear, I want to get microblading done so badly.  Anyone know of a good reco in Denver?   I’m on the hunt, but until then, here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve your brow goals.  🙂

Determine your ideal brow shape

You’ll want to look at your face and your natural brow shape and just enhance what’s already going on….at least most of the time.  Doing so will give you the most natural look for your face.  That is unless you’re trying to get a specific look with your brow.  Either way, there are tools out there to help you cheat a shape so I’ve linked a few fun options for you.   Ain’t no shame in using a tool to help you shape your perfect brow.  🙂 You can use these when tweezing your own brows, or to maintain a shape you’ve had done at a salon, or just to create a brow when you barely have any (like me!)

Sephora Fall in Line Brow Stencil Kit for $7


Anastasia Classic Stencils for $20


Figure out the best product to use on your brows

My brow routine changes all the time depending on what product I’ve been wanting to try and how quickly I can get my brows on before I’m out the door.  And there are SO many options out there now too for your brows, it can be overwhelming.

I’m featuring some of my very fave products here and why I love them, so read through and pick something that works with your lifestyle and comfort level.  If you need any advice, just message me.  🙂

MAC Eye Brow Definer (I use the color lingering in my brows) – I love this product because I can be precise when creating a shape for my brows.  I like to use this to outline where I’m going to fill them in, and then I also use this on the tail section of my brow because I have no hair there and so this creates a nice precise line for me.  I love that I don’t have the sharpen this product ever – I just twist and draw. I like the texture of this product and love how natural it looks on my skin. I’ve used this one for years.

Here is a pic of what my brows look like after I outline and draw on my “tail” of my brow.

MAC Brow Sculpt (I have been using the color Fling in my brows) – I have been using this product for a couple months now and really like it.  I use it after I define my brow shape with the above item, and then go back through and fill in with this.  I like how I can get more coverage quickly because of the shape of this brow sculpt pencil.  I also like how it lays the little hairs nicely in place so a brow gel isn’t really necessary.  You could possibly just use this one product as well to outline and fill in.  The pencil has almost a triangular shape so you can really shape your brows by using the angles of this product properly.  I’ve been really happy with this product so far.


Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel – This stuff is amazing if you’re like me, and have sparse brows.  The fibers in this product are buildable and create a fuller looking brow!  How amazing is that?  This is like a perfect finishing product.

Benefit High Brow Highlight Pencil – This is one of the most important steps to finishing your  brow.  Ideally you want to get some highlight on that brow bone and this helps define the brow even further and makes them pop.  This is a step that is worth it’s weight in gold.  I love this high brow highlight pencil because it’s thicker and you just color it right on – super easy. If you’re not into a pencil for this step, a lot of times I’ll take a stiff bristle, shorter eye shadow brush (like MAC 242) and a light eye shadow like MAC’s Vanilla or Shroom or even Motif for a warmer hue and get my brow highlight complete with eye shadow.  Even when I do use the pencil, I often use the MAC 242 brush to blend it in.

Here is a pic after I added some MAC Vanilla shadow to define my brows a little more.


MAC Eye Shadow – This has been tried and true for me for years and years and years!  I’ve used the color Omega in my brows for as long as I can remember. I like the ease of application with the MAC 208 brush, but now it’s just not enough alone for me.  I feel like this is an easy solution for people who just need a little extra something in their already beautiful brows.  Some other MAC shadow colors that are great for brows are brun, coquette, cork and espresso.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – This product is so creamy, goes on so smooth and is waterproof!!!!  That’s a major plus for long days, or when you’re on a tropical vacation or if you workout on the reg, or if you just want your brows to for sure stay put no matter what.  I love this stuff!  I use it with my MAC 208 brush (linked just above) and I am always happy with my brows when I use this stuff.

I often use a combination of a couple of the above products daily, I just can’t get it done with one product these days, but as you can see…my brows need all the help they can get!

Condition your brows

I want to feature a product that I am using to hopefully help my brows grow, or at least keep them from getting thinner and thinner as I age.

Castor Oil – You can get this stuff at Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage for under $10 and it’s become one of my fave oils to use.  It is supposed to thicken and strengthen the hair, it’s a awesome moisturizer and is used to treat acne too.  I’ve been trying to remember to use this on my eye brows nightly with a disposable mascara wand, but I have to admit I haven’t been religious about it yet. But I’m going to try because the results are supposed to be awesome!  It’s important to take care of those brows!

(Sidenote – this stuff is awesome for your eyelashes too)


Okay – do you feel ready for your best brows in 2017?  I sure hope so!  Happy browing!

Kisses from Sarah K







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  1. 1.23.17
    SarahB said:

    Okay. So, I’m totally going to work on this in 2017. When December hits, 40 is going to look good on me! Question. How do you pick the best color for brows? I bought something today for blonde and there was virtually no color. But I’m afraid if I go with something darker it’s going to be too obvious. I want something that looks natural. Thoughts?

    • 1.24.17
      sarahk said:

      It’s so hard to pick brow colors! I feel like a lot of ‘blonde’ colors out there are for platinum blondes and not really for warm, more natural blondes. I often lean towards a more brunette color, or a darker taupe color. But I do like my brows to be darker and more pronounced, however still natural looking. I think you should be fine going with something a little darker and you’ll get used to it. I did include some of the colors I use in my post, and I think you could probably get away with similar colors. Good luck!!! Keep me posted!

      • 2.12.17
        Carla said:

        I use Anastasia blonde and it’s dark enough on me! Sarah, I guess brows that stink run in the family because I have the same problem! Your brows look great compared to mine! Thank you for your great tips!!

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