2017 Beauty Trends – Strobing

Hi Loves!  I would like to highlight a few beauty trends that are going to be all the rage in 2017 over the next few weeks….and I’m starting with strobing.  This technique is kicking contouring to the curb…..FINALLY, right?   It was a good run, but contouring is being replaced by this much easier technique and user-friendly option of strobing.  Not to mention, strobing was ALL over the red carpet at the Grammy’s this last weekend!!!  And if you missed my post about 2016 beauty trends to say goodbye to (contouring being one of them), check out that post here.  It’s a fun one!

Alright, first…what is strobing you might ask?  Well, it is the act of highlighting features on your face to give you a more youthful, hydrated and dewy appearance by creating light on areas that would normally get highlighted when you shine a light on your face…your brow bones, cheekbones, nose, chin and cupids bow.  It’s a lot more natural looking than contouring, a LOT less complicated and takes a lot less products too.  Bonus!


Here is a quick side by side of contouring vs. strobing.


Now, if you’re worried about trying out strobing because you have oiler skin, you can still work this technique into your beauty regimen with a good primer and matte foundation beforehand.

If you have oiler skin, a couple of my fave primers for your skin type is Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer and MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone.  Both of these control oil very nicely and I use them a lot on the set of video shoots because they tend to absorb shine perfectly so my subjects are camera ready.  And then a couple of my fave matte foundations are MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Makeup For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation.  Quick note, both of these foundations I consider to be a performance-type of product….they work amazing for weddings, photo shoots, etc.  If you’re a tinted moisturizer girl, these will more than likely feel too “makeupy” for you.  But if you like wearing makeup on the daily AND you are religious about washing your face nightly, then these are great.

Okay – back to strobing!

Strobing Option #1

I feel like one of the easiest and fool-proof ways to add some strobing to your makeup routine is by grabbing a highlighting stick. The one I’ve been using lately is the Benefit Watt’s Up Cream to Powder Highlighter.  After my makeup is completely done, I take this stick and lightly dab the product directly onto my skin in areas I want to highlight, like down the center of my nose, my chin, my temples and high on my cheekbones.  And last, sometimes I’ll take a small eye shadow brush and get some product and place it on my brow bone or even on my inner lid.  There is a handy little sponge on the opposite end of this product that helps blend – which is the MOST important step.  You want your highlighting to be subtle, not obvious…so blend, blend, blend!!!  How do I blend you might ask?  By using quick, light, short dabbing motions with either the sponge, a beautyblender or your fingers – don’t smear or rub the product on.

Strobing Option #2

This has been my tried and true highlighting favorite for years….AND this product has been around since the days when the J.Lo glow was the trend to duplicate.  Anyone else remember that phase in the early 2000’s?  Okay – the product I love is MAC Strobe Cream – and they recently added a whole bunch of different shades but kept the original as well – Thank you MAC!  Out of all the options I’m mentioning today, this would be my top choice to recommend because it is easy to work with, has the perfect sheen, is hydrating and the finished look is amaze!  I recently purchased the GoldLite and I LOVE <3 <3 <3 it!!!  This product is versatile because you can use it underneath your foundation or mix it into your foundation or use it on top as a finishing product.  So many ways to use this one – AND it’s full of benefits for your skin like vitamins, antioxidants and green tea.

Strobing Option #3

You could also use a highlighting powder of some kind, so if you already have a contour powder kit, it more than likely has a highlighting option you could use with a powder brush and apply the product on the areas mentioned above. Or you could use a MAC Pigment, (which are amazing and versatile in their own right).  I am in LOVE with the Naked color for for fairer skin tones, and Melon for deeper skin tones and Tan for medium skin tones.  Other really amazing color options of MAC Pigment for strobing purposes are Blonde’s Gold, Tan and Vanilla.

(Melon, Naked, Tan left to right on left & top to bottom on my hand)

A few last tips for you…

  • Find a strobing product that compliments your skintone by looking for something that already has your skin’s tones in it.  For example, if you are fair, you want to steer clear of anything too bronzy/deep golds, you would want to lean towards a more champagne/nude tone.  And if you’re more of a medium skin tone or darker, than go with rose golds, deep golds or bronze tones.  Either way, you want whatever you’re going to use to be SHEER and have a good SHEEN to it (aka NOT glittery, we don’t want that frosted 90’s look going on here).
  •  Blending is KEY!  Please remember to blend the product well with your fingers or your beautyblender!
  • Don’t highlight your whole face!   Please refrain from dusting highlighter all over – the goal is not to highlight everything, only the areas you want to showcase.
  • If you use a powder form strobing product (like a face powder, eye shadow or pigment), it’s really important you apply it to skin that already has some sort of base on it or else it won’t adhere throughout your day, powder always needs something to stick to for lack of better words.

I hope this has been a fun and inspiring post for you.  The fun thing about strobing is that it is an easy makeup trend for anyone to try.  It doesn’t take much technique and is simple to implement into your daily makeup routine!

Please tag me if you post a pic of your finished strobing look after trying this out!  Would love to see those beautiful faces out there.

Until next time…

Kisses from Sarah K

Next 2017 Beauty Trend post will be on glossy eyelids…


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