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Hi Everyone! I have been so busy that working on my blog has become a major challenge (sad face) and ends up at the bottom of my to-do list, which means I’m too tired to actually get to it by the end of the day. I feel so grateful to be a stay at home mom to my little girl, but I also work for myself doing event management here and there too. I went into 2017 with absolutely no work in sight and have ended up busy as ever! Which, again, I’m so thankful for, but it can be hard being a stay at home mom who also works from home. So please forgive me for taking sooooo long to get another post up and running! I promise I will get back at it! I just needed a swift kick in the ass to get going again, and a special thank you to my sister for giving that to me. Love ya sis!  <3

Okay, I just got back from an awesome trip to California. It was a work trip, with a bunch of family fun added to it. It was our first time flying with Avalon (couldn’t have gone better btw), and it was her first time to one of our favorite places to visit. We spent a few days in downtown LA and Santa Monica, then headed to Catalina Island for the weekend to enjoy some really special moments in Avalon with our sweet Avalon.

pic for post avalon

Because it was my first time packing for a flight/out-of-state trip with a little one, I really had to pack light for my own needs, so I thought I would go over some beauty tips for traveling so next time you’re headed out of town, you are set up for success on the road.

Tip 1

Facial Wipes are your best friend!

I love a good, handy face wipe that can double as a full body shower when necessary.  😉  A few of my fave options are:

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes – these are easy to throw in your cart at Target, affordable, good ingredients and super refreshing. When I used to travel overseas all the time, I would always start my skincare regimen on the long flight over the pond with one (or four) of these wipes. Love them! My skin doesn’t feel dried out after using these ones and the cucumber makes me feel so refreshed. These are a staple purchase for me.

Tarte Fresh Eyes Makeup Remover Wipes – these are awesome if you have some heavy duty makeup you need to remove, such as waterproof mascara. They also have good ingredients and are still in a good price range of just $12 for 30 wipes.


I often will use wipes in place of face wash and toner when traveling. By the time I get home, I can tell my skin needs some extra exfoliation, but I’m fine with that being that the benefit is traveling light with a lot less stuff. Another bonus – it’s not a liquid so you don’t have to worry about carrying them on the plane with you if you want to!

Tip 2

Dry Shampoo is your other best friend!

Dry shampoo is pretty much my best friend all the time, whether I’m traveling or not. But it’s a MUST when I travel. I actually forgot my dry shampoo on this last trip – luckily there was one store on Catalina Island that did have a bottle of it so I snatched that up quick. It wasn’t the greatest, but hey, it got me through!

I always snag a travel size so it can take up less room in my beauty bag than the full size mac-daddy one. I’ve talked about this one before in a few blog posts, but seriously, it’s my very fave dry shampoo….the Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo is the best!!! It comes in two tones; one for dark and one for light.  I use the light tones one even though my roots are definitely darker, and it still works perfectly for me. I seriously love this stuff – it’s the best. And they have a travel size for just $10.50 – score!


Tip 3

Paper perfume is also key part of my beauty #squad when traveling. One of my besties makes fun of me because of how much I love my paper perfume! My hubby also likes to join in the fun giving me a hard time about this quirk of mine. He always tells me to just go buy a bottle, and I never do. lol I always put a paper perfume in my purse when doing a girls night out, and I always pack a handful of them when traveling. It’s the best! I go through all my beauty mags, my Nordstrom mags and anything else that has fragrance pages included and snatch them out and store them in a big ziplock bag in my hall closet – and when it comes time to travel, I pick several to stash in my bag. I love having the variety, not worrying about an expensive perfume bottle spilling in my beauty bag when on the road, and it’s just plain convenient. So you can make fun of me all you want, but I love this little ritual of mine. haha Are you going to start hoarding paper perfume with me?!?

paper perfume

Tip 4

Powder sunscreen can be super handy on the go! I will say, it’s not great to use as your only sunscreen if you’re planning to be outdoors a lot (like for a beach vacay). But if you want to eliminate packing your bottle of facial sunscreen (because you DO use sunscreen every single day, right?!!!!!) for a quick trip and aren’t going to be spending countless hours outside or be exposed too much, a powder sunscreen is a great alternative. Or if you want to bring this to apply before beach days and keep reapplying over a sunscreen, that’s a good idea too.

Here are a few of my faves:

Peter Thomas Roth Radiant Instant Mineral Brush-on Bronzer Sunscreen SPF 30 – I like this one because it’s also a bronzer and who doesn’t love some extra color when they are traveling. It is important to note that you should plan to re-apply this stuff every 2 hours if you are going to be exposed to a lot of sun, and it’s not water/sweat proof. But for a quick trip, this is a handy item to have.

Sweat Cosmetics Twist Brush & Mineral Foundation SPF 30 – This stuff is awesome!!! Easy to pack, comes in more shades so you should be able to find one that should match your skin pretty easily, it’s formulated without parabens/sulfates/phthalates, and the best part is that it’s sweat proof!!! It was created for you active beauties, which makes this one great for withstanding heat and sun! Even if you don’t have any trips planned for summer, you should grab this one just because it’s so handy to throw on before any summer activity!

s1841998-main-LheroThere you have it…Some of my go-to travel beauty items! I hope this post helps with your packing for any summer vacations you have coming up, work trips, or if you just want to simplify your beauty routine at home too.

Have a great day everyone!

Kisses from Sarah K

Links to my travel-day outfit in the pic above:

T-Shirt – $10 right now at Old Navy! An uber soft t-shirt, but sadly I did not have rosé all day!  haha

Zella Live In Leggings – my very fave leggings for every occasion under the sun!

Slip on shoes – I have fallen in love with these blush pink slip-ons, they go with everything and are super comfy, perfect for travel or any everyday casual outfit.

Free People Bomber Jacket (or a few other colors here) – I tied this around my waist, but definitely put it on as soon as we got back to cold Colorado.  I wore this jacket countless times on my trip because, again, it goes with so much – dresses, jeans, you name it. And just made me feel like I gave a simple outfit a touch more style. It also kept me warm on those chilly Cali nights….AND it’s 25% off at Nordstrom right now!

Happy Shopping!!!  xoxo


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