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Okay, who else is always on the hunt for a deodorant sans aluminum that ACTUALLY works? I know I am so I’ve finally put together a list of my top 3 choices for anyone out there who wants less stinky underarms without the harmful effects of aluminum.

All 3 choices together

First of all, quick lesson for those that are wondering why you would even want to even use a deodorant without aluminum in it. Aluminum is the key ingredient in most deodorants that make them antiperspirants…which means your body is less likely to perspire (aka sweat). But I’m here to tell you that perspiring is GOOD!  It’s how your body regulates your temperature. Aluminum is a compound that temporarily enters your sweat glands and blocks the production of sweat, or at least lowers it.  It has been linked to cancer and dementia, however, there are articles on both sides of the spectrum out there — you can find people saying aluminum doesn’t negatively affect people’s health, and those that believe it does.  Studies have been inconclusive, but I think it’s interesting that on the National Cancer Institute site, it does say that there could be a link between those of a younger age at their cancer diagnosis who also frequently used antiperspirants and starting shaving their underarms at an earlier age.  But it was a retrospective study, and therefore said the outcome was inconclusive.

Either way, I tend to lean towards the use of “cleaner” beauty products….and my deodorant also falls into that category. We are all exposed to toxins day-in and day out, so why not try to do our best to not put those toxins right onto our freshly shaved underarms, which is so close to our breast tissue? Right? Okay – lecture over. Let’s get to my list.

DIY Deodorant


I used this stuff for well over a year until I developed a bit of a sensitivity to baking soda (more about that later), but I loved my DIY recipe for a long time and it’s so easy to make!

  • 1/2 cup of organic refined coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup organic baking soda
  • 1/4 cup arrowroot flour
  • 5 – 10 drops of your fave essential oil (I always used something citrusy because I thought it made the deodorant smell fresh and clean, but a lot of people do bergamot, jasmine, or lavender)

Mix it all together, if it seems too dry, add more coconut oil, if it seems to thin in consistency, add more arrowroot flour. Store in a cool, dry space in your favorite container (I used a small mason jar).  To use, just dip your fingertips into the container to get a dollup of product, rub it in between your fingertips to warm it up (and melt the coconut oil a bit) and then rub it on your underarms for easy application.  You can eliminate the baking soda if you also have a sensitivity, or just use less of it and more arrowroot flour.

Piper Wai


I love a good Shark Tank product, and this is one of them! When I watched the episode featuring Piper Wai, I knew I had to give this item a try. And I’m glad I did – this stuff works! However, again, after a few months of use, my baking soda sensitivity showed up in full force. I was so bummed, I used it for several months with no reaction, and when I purchased my second bottle, my underarms got red and irritated again. They have AMAZING customer service! When I reached out to them about my issue, they sent me a free bottle saying that something happened with their packaging and heat during shipping with the batch that I purchased, so a new one showed up with different packaging. Well, this new one also gave me my red/irritated underarms so I know it was the baking soda thing again. But again, they were awesome to deal with and I still recommend this deodorant because IT DID work for me! They also just came out with a stick version which is awesome! No more messy fingertips during application if that bothers you. The jar is $11.99 and the stick is $16.99 (with 35% more product), you can also subscribe and save 10% to get it delivered every 2 months. Anything that shows up at my door right when I need it is amazing!

Piper Wai uses activated charcoal, an ingredient that is currently making waves in the beauty industry – seen in everything from facial masks to body washes and deodorant. It is an ingredient that proves to act like a magnet to dirt and oil, hence it’s use in skincare products. And in this case, it absorbs wetness to the max therefore keeping you dryer than other natural deodorants would.  (Since deodorants don’t prevent sweat).

Link to purchase Piper Wai HERE!

Native Deodorant – My TOP Choice!


Native for the win! This one passed the end-of-the-day sniff test that my hubby ever so graciously does for me when trying out new deodorants. He’s a brave soul! 🙂 We were both actually shocked when, at the end of the day, I didn’t have my normal underarm stank!!! lol This one really works wonders ladies! I bought the version without baking soda for my sensitive underarms thinking it might not work as well as the original, but I have been using this and loving it! IT WORKS! The original version has a few scents to chose from, which I like. The sensitive version only comes in Cotton & Lily, but I actually like the clean scent of it so I’m fine with it. But I would love to try the Coconut & Vanilla. They have a men’s version too so if you have a guy in your life and want to also take care of his underarms, you have that option.

I love that it comes in a stick for easy application and this company also offers free shipping (bonus) and free returns so it’s literally worry-free to try it out. You can sign up for a subscription and get it for $10!  Which I, of course, signed up for in a heartbeat. The subscription has a ton of flexibility – I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it so I signed up to get a new one every 4 months thinking that would give me plenty of time to cancel if I didn’t like it, but I love it and will probably change how often I get it. However I’m 2 months into my first stick and still have plenty of product to go so maybe every 4 months is realistic.

The website has great info on why using products with aluminum and parabens are bad for you so if you have a few minutes – check it out here.

Link to purchase Native HERE!

I tried SO many products to narrow my list down to these top 3 – I mean…..soooooooo many! I would get so frustrated because I had literally 5 open deodorants, all of which wouldn’t work, whether I had to keep re-applying (yup, I carried my Honest deodorant spray around in my purse for months on end hoping it would magically begin to work), or they just made my sweat smell just a little better – if you consider BO and lavender a pleasant smell!!! haha (For the record, I do not!)

One last tip, if you’re considering switching from an antiperspirant to an all natural deodorant, your body will need to go through a bit of a transition.  If your body is so used to having your sweat ducts plugged up, you may find yourself sweating a little more than usual at first, but your body will balance out – I promise…that first 3 – 4 weeks just might be a little more rough…or wet.  haha

Happy deodorant shopping ladies! And have a less stinky week with one of these on your underarms! 😉

Kisses from Sarah K

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  1. 4.25.17
    SarahB said:

    Thank you! We switch to natural deodorants a couple of years ago. I do find her in the winter, but during the summer it’s a mess! Especially with the added humidity here. I’m going to have to give this native a try.

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