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I’ve been so excited to try a few things from a new line making waves in the beauty industry, Maskcara! It’s a line created by a beauty blogger and makeup artist, Cara, and the brand believes makeup should be fun, easy and quick, as well as enhance one’s natural beauty…not cover it up. These are all things I can get on board with! Especially for women that are busy (which is literally EVERYONE!), this line allows you to create a single palate for your whole face, therefore making the daily grind of the makeup application process quicker since it can all be in one case.

Now for the review…

I was sent a couple brushes and the creamy highlight, contour, illuminator, blush tins along with a setting powder so those are the items I’ll be reviewing, but I’ll also share some items that I purchased after giving these initial products a try.

Also, no filters were used in any of these pictures and they were taken with natural sunlight as lighting….so I don’t look flawless by any means, but just wanted you to see raw, real pics! 🙂


The brushes!!!!  You guys, these brushes are AMAZING! I can’t say enough good things about them. You can just tell they are very well-made and high quality by feeling them in your hand. And I am PICKY about brushes! I was instantly impressed when using them. The brush hairs are tightly packed so no loose hairs shedding all over the place (THANK YOU!!!) The brush hair used is also ideal for applying makeup – it doesn’t smear the product on top of the skin, but rather is perfectly blends makeup into your skin for a more flawless finish.

I received the 30 second hac brush, which has proven to become one I grab for every single day now.  I love this thing.  Great for applying and stipling creamy products into your skin.  I love it! I would highly recommend this brush whether you buy other products from Maskcara or not.  I just had to figure out how I wanted to store a double-sided brush because I store all my brushes upright in a canister, and you can’t do that with this style – so I have them laying in a drawer in my acrylic makeup counter case.


The 30 Second Hac brush is so awesome you guys! Just want to let you know…it is “dirty” in this pic because it’s one I’ve been using EVERY day – I love this thing! Sells for $35, and you’re getting two brushes in ONE!

I also received the Power Powder brush and have really loved this one too. The bristles used apply powder perfectly onto your skin, without a lot of fall-out or fluffing powder everywhere except where you need it, which I feel like a lot of other powder brushes out there do just that.


This is the Power Powder brush and again, I really love this thing! Sells for $36.


Like I said, this review is about the creamy highlight, contour, illuminator, blush and the setting powder so I’ll go over all those items.

The Highlight – This is Maskcara’s version of what most are used to calling foundation. Some tutorials say to apply the contour first, but I wasn’t too keen on that order so I started with the highlight. Either way is totally just a personal preference. So…to be completely honest, I really tried for a couple of weeks to like this product and I just don’t love it. Maybe as a highlight in some areas on my face, but definitely not as my main foundation. It sat on my pores and accentuated them to the point of being totally uncomfortable to go out in public with how it looked. I tried a couple different primers underneath the product to try to combat this, and nothing seemed to work. Now in all fairness, my pores do suck – they might be a bit bigger than your average pore size especially on my nose, but I just can’t get on board with using this highlight as a foundation. So in my book, this is just a highlight product and not a foundation. But I will say that the coverage is very good, it’s very blendable and easy to apply.



I am wearing the color Aura in this picture, which was a little light for me only because I had just applied self-tanner a few days prior. 

The Contour – You guys!!!  I am in LOVE with this creamy contour!  It is a great shade (I am wearing Olive, which I feel would be a super versatile color for many different skin tones) and the way this stuff blends so easily into the skin…especially with the 30 second hac brush – I was happy EVERY single time. I also love that it’s a simple contour product to apply and blends so that it looks natural – no crazy makeup techniques required! I can’t say enough good things about it. I’m a fan! I highly recommend that if you’re looking for a contour product, you try this one out!


The key to blending it perfectly is using a dabbing/stipple motion with short little strokes, and the non-tapered side of the 30 second hac brush is PERFECT for this technique!

Creamy Blush – Another WINNER!!! I am 100% in love with the creamy blush.  The colors are seriously amazing, they go on so smooth and blend in VERY easily and this is another one I just can’t say enough good things about.  I feel like it sets well on the skin and lasts all day. LOVE!


Blush color shown in this palate is Nude, which is also a lip color <3, I love products that have a dual purpose!


You can blend the blush with a beautyblender sponge (or something similar), or order the Perfector Sponge from Maskcara for only $13 (a lot less than a beautyblender!!!) I am wearing the color, Baby Watermelon in this pic and I’m in love with this color for summer.


Setting Powder – Yet another one to write home about! This setting powder really works to set makeup, goes on great, and made my makeup last for hours and hours!  Yay! I love this stuff. I used Vanilla Dust for color reference.

The Illuminator – I like to put the creamy illuminator on as a last step to give myself that little extra glow – the shades are so gorgeous and again, this blends onto the skin very nicely and is easy to apply. I do have to say that I did feel like it didn’t set as well as some other’s I’ve used in the past, but I have been using this on a regular basis and do really like it.



I feel like this picture doesn’t do the illuminator justice, it’s so hard to capture that shimmer, but in person, it’s the perfect glow, not glittery, but the perfect shimmery glow. I am wearing the color, Honey – so soft and pretty. 

Another thing I noticed about everything I used is that a tiny bit o’ product goes a LONG way.  The product comes in super uniquely designed little tins (I’m a sucker for adorable packaging) which are tiny, but now I can see why – this product goes the distance and not a lot is necessary.


How cute are these tins? I already misplaced a few because Avalon loves playing with them and I think they are hiding in her play makeup bag. 🙂

And last, this product is a cleaner line which I appreciate – cruelty free and paraben free, which if you’ve been following me for a little while, you know that’s important to me.

A few things I ordered since trying out some of these items are…

  • Stay Out There Setting Spray – $29
  • Perfector Sponge – $13
  • I Shadow Everything Brush – $18

Shop Maskcara HERE with Beth…aka Skin Savvy, who was so kind to send me all these goodies! (Use Ref 6037 when ordering) She can help color match you if you need some help, or you can just shop online without her assistance too – either way! Follow her on Instagram too HERE because she is awesome, and another amazing resource for makeup and skincare.  🙂


Be sure to sign up for the GIVEAWAY on my Instagram post!!!  I’ve teamed up with Beth to giveaway a 30 Second Hac Brush and the new Maskara eye shadow set, Zion. Just follow the directions on my Insta post. Giveaway is open until Friday, July 28 and winner will be announced on Saturday the 29th. (Open to US only).  

Kisses from Sarah K




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  1. 5.9.18
    Christa said:

    Hey Girl. I used Masckara products a few years ago and I totally agree with everything you said. I love most of the products except for the highlighter. I felt like it sat on top of my skin and came off easily during the day and accentuated my wrinkles around my eyes. Spot on review!

    • 5.9.18
      sarahk said:

      Thank you so much! I would agree! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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