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This phone case is game-changer! I’ve used it for almost 2 months now and if you’ve been around me…and my phone, I’ve likely talked to you about how much I LOVE this case. It’s so easy to carry my phone now when I’m also carrying 27 other things! Thank you Loopy Cases!!! And to my friend, Stef, for telling me about this case! 🙂

This company is super cool, young and on a mission to #stopthedrop – and so far it’s been very successful for me. I haven’t dropped my phone even once since using this case. Avalon also just instinctively grabs my phone by the loopy now – adorbs! So she doesn’t drop it either. Even if you do drop your phone, I feel like the case is well made with a lip around the front screen and seems like it would absorb shock really well too.

Not to mention… I also never, ever have to worry about dropping my phone on my face when scrolling Instagram in bed anymore (anyone else been victim to a phone punching you in the face right before sleep? THE worst! haha) Selfies are much easier now and my pinky finger is no longer developing a callus. (Yes, that was actually happening to me because I was using my pinky finger to prop up the phone a lot.) And I also really like that the loopy is like a mini kickstand so my phone is on a perfect little slant when it’s on the counter because I’m using it to follow a new recipe in the kitchen. For reals, I can’t say enough good things about this case, it’s awesome!

Three brothers run this company and it definitely has an awesome small company feel to it when you order and receive your phone case. It arrived with a handwritten “Stay Loopy” message on my envelope, and a cute little welcome letter signed by each brother. And the communications that come after ordering with updates just have a cool vibe to them. They make everything fun. I love ordering stuff from small companies for this reason.

They make this case for both left and right handed people so for all those lefties out there, loopy has you covered! 🙂

Use discount code GETLOOPY for 15% off your order! And let me know how much you love this case once you start using it.

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All the loopy goodies! I ordered a different color loopy so I could switch it out and have some variety with my case. They have SO many color options to choose from! 


A quick look into what the inside of the case looks like, the loop weaves through holes in the case and the ends just lay down once you clip the case on. I haven’t had any problems with the case popping off my phone at all, and the loopy has never moved since I threaded it. Very reliable and strong! 

Blog -4.jpg

Love that loopy!

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I love selfies with my niece <3

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  1. 4.1.18
    Geneva I Holmes said:

    I need a loopy phone case for a galaxy s7 edge with the finger holder in the back. I want it on purple or black or silver .

    • 4.2.18
      sarahk said:

      It really is the best case – I don’t plan on using anything else in the future! I hope you like it as much as I do. Use code “getloopy” for 15% off!

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