The Sleep Styler Review

When I saw this product on Shark Tank I immediately ordered because I knew I had to try it out and do a blog post about it. The Sleep Styler promises to do your hair while you sleep which saves time and gets us all out the door quicker….or some extra snooze time. 😉 Both of which are goals of mine daily.


I ordered the product and received the typical order confirmation email, but then nothing…..I was waiting and waiting for an update that never came. So a few weeks later, I dug into my confirmation email and then had to dig further by following what felt like several click thrus to finally find that my order was on back order and wouldn’t be shipping to me for another 6 weeks! What the???? I definitely expected more from a Shark Tank company – I received no information about my product being on back order, no communication about any delays – just radio silence. So I waited patiently for 6 weeks. THEN….the date that was listed as my ship date came and went – STILL NO communication or updates. At this point – 1 week past my ship date that was listed, I called their customer service and had to leave a voicemail. They did call me back the next day and said that my product should be arriving within a week and a half to THEM, not to me…and then it will be shipped to me. So, a couple weeks later I finally did get my Sleep Styler! I did ask for my shipping costs ($4.95) to be waived because of this whole scenario and they obliged, so that was good.

When I received my sleep styler, it arrived in it’s case with no branding, no cute packaging or notes thanking me for my order….just the product… in a box. Call me crazy, but I order from smaller shops often and even bigger companies, and I love when my stuff arrives because it’s packaged nicely with some extra nice touches. Even MAC sends their stuff with a signature black box and black tissue paper and it’s packaged nicely when it arrives. So maybe I expect too much, but it was very blah when opening this package. And then to find no branding what so ever on the container was odd to me….and no thank you note, just nothing. Okay – you get it – very underwhelming experience.

FullSizeRender (5)

I found a one-pager of instructions once I opened the container that helped me along using these curlers for the first time. It was stuffed in between the curlers so it wasn’t visible initially.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

How to….

  • Wash your hair
  • Let it air dry to about 80% dry – this is KEY!!!
  • Put the curlers in – there are a couple different techniques you can use, but I started out with the simplest, wrapping my hair away from my face starting a few inches below my root line. I also make sure that my hair won’t have weird kinks so I’m pretty careful when I wrap the hair, this will make sense if you buy and try this product out yourself.
  • Go to sleep
  • Wake up, take out the curlers to reveal your dry and curled hair- and THIS was TRUE!


I will say that trying to get comfortable sleeping in the curlers was a little awkward for about 5 – 10 minutes, but then I did fall asleep and slept quite well and they were not too annoying at all to me, and that’s how it’s been every time I wear them, just takes a little more time to get comfortable.

I woke up and removed each curler gently and voila – I did have very nice waves that lasted all day. They definitely relaxed by the end of the day, but I was happy with the results. I did apply MoroccanOil to my hair prior to putting them in these curlers just to smooth my hair and prevent any frizziness from occurring. I didn’t use any other product on my initial try, so using some styling product before putting them in might help extend the style a little longer and hold the curl.

I’ve also noticed that because I don’t wash my hair often, it was hard to match up timing of my wash days with wearing the curlers at night. So now I just dampen my hair when I do want to sleep & curl at the same time if it wasn’t a wash day for me.

Overall, I was VERY underwhelmed by the overall shopping experience with this company, but I do really like the product and the fact that I can have my hair done when I wake up – I mean, that was a really awesome feeling. I hope they improve their customer experience as they grow, but either way – by purchasing this product you’re helping another mom out there fulfill her dreams – and that’s pretty cool.

I do think this is a product to have in addition to a curling iron because sometimes there just isn’t a substitute for what you can do with a curling iron…but I do really like the fact that I can plan ahead and have my hair ready to go in certain instances in 2 minutes flat with The Sleep Styler. I also like that I can get curls without always having to use heat and damage my hair.

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And check out her Instagram HERE as she shares tips and tricks on how to get the most of your Sleep Styler.

Cheers to good hair days! xo


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  1. 1.10.18
    courtney said:

    Hi, I have tried these a few times and keep getting kinks at the top of my hair from the strap. How do you avoid these? Your hair looks great!!

    • 1.11.18
      sarahk said:

      Well – thank you first of all! 🙂 I’m so sorry you keep getting kinks from the strap. I really try to make sure the strap is laying flat, and I kind of pull the strap down first and then around to wrap my hair to prevent kinks. Does that make sense? I know it’s hard without seeing it. My hair is long so I can afford to also not put the tube right at my root – so the whole thing is a bit further down on my hair line. And then I do use MoroccanOil to smooth my hair first too. And last, my roots are much more dryer than the rest of my hair so I think that might help too. I hope this gives you some pointers in the right direction. Let me know! 🙂 Good luck!

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