My fave beauty tools under $10

Talking about my top beauty tools that I’ve fallen in love with that don’t break the bank! Coming in at $10 or under – can I get a YAAAAAASSSSS!???

Precision Pore Cleansing Pad – $6 from Sephora

This is a great little tool for getting that extra umphf when cleansing your skin. If you haven’t invested in a higher end face cleansing tool like Clarisonic or a Foreo, then this could be your little best friend. And even if you do have those higher end tools, this one is great for travel if you don’t want to haul your expensive one with you.


Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring – $8 from Sephora

These are the hair ties I use that actually work with my hair. First of all, they secure my hair the best without sliding around AND they really don’t dent my hair. Since I only do my hair once a week or so, I really rely on a good hair-tie to top-knot it when I’m at home that doesn’t ruin my curls and this one does JUST that. I can put my hair up with one of these and then take my hair back down and no weird dents, and my curls aren’t ruined.


Alba Botanica Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes Cooling Eye-Gel – $4.99 from Target

This eye gel is super refreshing and great in a pinch when you haven’t slept enough or cried your eyes out watching the movie Inside Out (or was that just me? haha). I always grab one of these to have on hand – it’s not my daily eye cream, but is awesome for those extra puffy days. It packs a lot of punch for the price and doesn’t have harsh ingredients. And if you haven’t seen Inside Out, I HIGHLY recommend it. 🙂


Ardell False Lashes – Black 110 – $2.99 from Target

Yup! For real! These are my go-to false lashes for a natural looking fuller lash on almost everyone…including myself. I’ve tried all the expensive false lashes, and these are still the ones I tend to buy most often. The 110 is so universal and if you apply them just right, practically no one can tell they are falsies.


Duo Adhesive Lash Glue – Dark – $5.39 from Target

This is the ONLY lash glue I use. I love the dark color because it dries dark and enhances your eye to look like you have a naturally dark lash line and helps hide the false eyelash track. Bonus! Seriously, if you buy lashes, get this glue to go along with it.


 Dry Brush – $4.99 from Target

Did you miss my post on dry-brushing? If so, click here to read up about how amazing dry brushing can be for your skin? And for under $5 – it’s an easy and uber affordable way to help improve your skin with consistent use.


Wet Brush – $8.99 from Target

I didn’t think using a different brush on wet hair would make a difference, but I was wrong. This brush is amazing on my wet hair at detangling without breaking my ever increasing fragile hair (thanks to aging and years of coloring). I highly recommend it. It’s also a really great tool for exfoliating your scalp. I had a case of an itchy scalp and my hairdresser said I need to use this style of brush to brush out my scalp and once doing that once with some extra conditioner – my itchy scalp was gone! And it felt so good too!


That’s it! These are all items I own and use on the daily…and I love them all. And the prices, even if you bought everything on this list, you’re in for just over $40! Can’t beat that! So happy shopping everyone!


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