The Sleep Styler Update & Giveaway

I’ve partnered up with The Sleep Styler to give two lucky readers a mini set each! I first reviewed this product back in August – and you can see that OG post HERE.  After my post, the company reached out and wanted to send me a new set so I could see how they upgraded their packaging, instructions, etc. So I said I would LOVE to get a new set, but it would be used as a GIVEAWAY (yay for you guys) instead of for me. So they sent me not just one, but two mini sets! And I’m so excited to give them away!

Now that it’s been awhile since my first post, I can honestly say that The Sleep Styler only gets better as you get more used to putting in the rollers. So if your curls come out a bit kinky or uneven at first – I promise that gets better with time and practice. It’s all about how you put them in to get the best curl/wave possible. I really try to make sure my hair is at least 80% dry (just like the instructions say) AND I also make sure my hair feels smooth on the curler, not bunched up, sloppy or pulled in any weird direction. And then also making sure the fastening strand goes the opposite way of the hair, and making sure that part of the product won’t leave an undesirable indention either. Using a product like Moroccan oil can really help with that smoothing process as well (applying it beforehand). Doing all of this just takes some practice, so if it doesn’t come out all that great at first, don’t give up!

And their new packaging and instructions, and overall presentation has improved significantly from the first set I received. I feel like companies that get a deal on Shark Tank have a major up-hill battle when getting a deal just because the demand is so great for their product upon their air-date – and sometimes the quality might suffer just because they are trying to get SO much done, which might have been the case with my first set. But overall, I’m super happy with my purchase and I’m excited to give a couple sets away to my readers!

Good luck to everyone entering to win! Head over to my Instagram to enter! Winners will be announced on Thursday morning (Nov 30) on the original Instagram post. Follow all the directions to be sure to get as many entries as you can.



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