Master Bathroom Remodel Project Pt.2 – Planning

I’m so excited to share more about my bathroom remodel with you guys…and we are getting closer to demo day. We are on the schedule for mid-March so I’m anxiously counting down. It’s been exciting to have everything I’ve ordered start arriving….I’m actually waiting for our bathroom vanity and mirror delivery right now as I write this!

In this post, I wanted to go over the current state of our bathroom & the pain points that I have with it as well as our plans for some major updates that will help improve the functionality of this space.


I’m going to share some pictures with you regarding our current bathroom so you can see what I dis-like so much about it & so you can see our space since you’ll be following along for the entire transformation.

Pain Point #1 – Entryway to bathroom

Don’t mind the pile of toys and paint swatches on the bedroom wall (We are doing some upgrades to our master bedroom as well). This is our view into the master bathroom from our master bedroom. When we moved into this house, there were mini french doors installed in this space that opened up INTO the bathroom. I wish I had a picture of that to show you. I am not a fan of a bunch of doors in a small space – it’s just makes a small space feel even smaller. AND we have a door immediately to the left of the entry into the water closet (toilet room). It was just too much so we ended up removing the french doors and temporarily framed out the door way to “put a bandaid” on this problem. This floor plan originally had no door at the entryway – just a drywall entryway. I guess that’s not too big of a deal because there is a privacy door for the water closet/toilet room, but it’s just a lot of doors that eat into valuable space.

The Fix

I’m so excited because we are going to install a frosted glass pocket door to create an official entry with a door that doesn’t make the space feel smaller. Here is my inspo pic. I love how this door is framed out too and hoping we can do something similar.


This is quite a big change because we basically have to demo the wall to the right of the bathroom entry to get the framework for the pocket door installed into the inner-workings of this space, possibly move electrical, and then re-drywall and texture it. We won’t know if there is anything else impacted (fingers crossed there isn’t) until we demo the wall (and by we, I mean my contractor and his team….and maybe Casey).

Pain Point #2 – The Water Closet (aka toilet room)

This little, tiny space has a door and wall separating it from the rest of the bathroom…and I don’t like this set-up at all. (Don’t mind my paint swatches on the wall here too.) The door into this toilet closet area takes up space, it’s another room within an already small room that just makes the whole space feel smaller. If you have a large master bathroom, I feel like a separated water closet area makes much more sense, but it’s an eye-sore in this layout, in my opinion.

The Fix

Because we are creating privacy with a new pocket door in the main entryway, I’m stoked to get rid of the door to the “throne room” ….and the entire wall that closes off the water closet. You already know my distaste for too many doors in a small space so bye felicia! 😉

I know some people may prefer having a separate place to do your bizness from the rest of the bathroom – but having this area separate just makes this bathroom feel small. I’m so excited to create a bathroom that feels more open, and you’ll still be able to close the pocket door for privacy if need be. Casey and I never even use the door to the current water closet – it is open at all times – judge us all you want lol. It’s already a tucked away space and feels private without a door being present so it doesn’t bother us.

So we are demo’ing the whole wall up to the ceiling and the entire doorway to the water closet – bye to a boring, closed-off water closet and hello to an open floor plan!  I am so excited for this!

Pain Point #3 – The HUGE soaker tub

photo (4)

I think I mentioned in my first post that we do not have a 5 piece master bathroom, we have a shower/tub combo that is HUGE (20 square feet to be exact) but no space to make these things separate. Oh I dream of the day I can have a nice stand-up shower AND a free-standing modern soaking tub! I LOVE that look! So this big ol’ 90’s soaker tub is a major pain point because it’s just ugly, it’s a builder-grade material – there is nothing nice about it except for that it IS a big tub to take a bath in. It takes up a lot of space and has BIG ledge to step over (almost 20 inches) to get into the shower. And the wall tile….just ew! It’s been gross since we moved in – I’ve cleaned it and even paid to have it professionally cleaned and it never looks any better. I mean -it’d be a huge job to regrout it and would not worth it in my opinion… rip it all out!

 The Fix

We really thought A LOT about this decision for a couple years and we’ve decided that we are going to eliminate the tub all-together and create an amazing walk-in shower. We do have a bathtub in Avalon’s bathroom on the same floor of the house, so that’s why we feel confident about this decision. We consulted with numerous realtors and home appraisers about this decision – and most buyers prefer a really nice walk-in shower over the tub as long as there is another tub in the home. Of course there will always be those people that really want a tub in their master bathroom, but overall, it will appeal to more people to have an upgraded master bathroom in general.

Now I AM one of those people who really enjoys a bath – I love relaxing with a glass of wine, a magazine, some bath bombs, bubbles and oils…but even knowing that about myself – I’m so ready to get rid of this tub. I love taking baths, but do not like the look of the bath/shower combo options. I can always take a bath in the other bathroom and make some adjustments to easily make it a mom-zone. So I’m willing to make this sacrifice for the look I want in this space.

And since I’ve already mentioned my annoyance for doors opening up into small spaces, I HAVE to have a sliding glass shower door for this space so there is no worry about opening it and maneuvering around another door for any reason. I’ll touch more on this topic in a future post because, boy has it been hard finding exactly what I want, but I think it’s going to happen. So look for more about this soon! I love the clean lines of this sliding shower door in this inspo pic.


Pain Point #4 – The 90’s cube shower window

photo (2)

Okay – these have to go! Like stat! I mean…..they aren’t even GLASS you guys – they are PLASTIC! Isn’t that nuts? This look is so dated that it drives me crazy on the daily.

The Fix

It pains me to have to spend money on an upgraded window, but in in opinion, it’s a must. You can’t upgrade an entire bathroom to modern finishes and leave this dated window. It has to go! And quite frankly, I’m excited to have an awesome double-hung, frosted glass window in its place. And it will be a functional window at that – so we could crack it to help vent this high moisture space. 🙂

Which brings me to the one thing I do appreciate about this bathroom is all the natural light – it makes it feel bigger than it is….along with tall ceilings and a skylight – it has wonderful natural lighting. I LOVE having a window in my shower, so to have a new one will be nice, even though it’s money I didn’t really want to spend. Some shower window inspo below!


There you have it, my major pain points (and I didn’t even talk about my lesser pain points – haha) of our current bathroom and what we are doing to fix them. What do you think? Are we making any mistakes? Would you do the same things?

We are literally changing out every single thing in this bathroom! The lighting, the mirror, the vanity, the flooring, the paint, the fixtures – everything down to the toilet paper holder on the wall & the air vent on the floor – it’s all getting an upgrade and I cannot wait! What else do you want to know? Would love to get questions from you all! And in the meantime, I’ll work on the next post which will be all about the shopping & buying I had to do for this project & how I decide what to save on and what to splurge on…Stay tuned!



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