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Fridababy is one of my very FAVE baby product brands out there! I love how creative & cute their products are and how easy everything is to use. Their clever products have literally become part of our everyday routine in doing life with a little one. I have been a Fridababy customer from the very beginning with Avalon – hello NoseFrida! And I have grown to love their whole collection. So whether you’re a new mom, seasoned mom, or shopping for an upcoming baby shower gift and not a mom at all – these items are must-haves!

I wanted to share my reviews on some of my fave baby & toddler items and give you my honest thoughts about everything. Fridababy did send me their nail clippers and file, the medi-paci and the toddler toothbrush for a review – but all opinions are honest & my own. And I’ve purchased everything else that I’ll talk about outside of those 3 things.


I was SO excited to get this toothbrush from Fridababy! I was going to buy it just before I ended up getting it sent to me by the company. And all the hype around this brush is true – it’s awesome! A couple of my fave stand-out features are the suction bottom (another genius move), and the three sided brush head – I mean…it’s just awesome to know you’re getting all three sides of a tooth during brushing…because let’s face it. The attention span of a toddler is so short – and having the angled brush head to get all sides at once – you just can’t beat it!

I also appreciate the material of this brush – it’s sturdy yet a softer plastic material….Avalon bites down on her brush a lot so the fact that it isn’t a hard plastic is better for her teeth. I know it’s about double the price of typical toddler toothbrushes (at $9.99) – but I can honestly say it’s WELL worth it. It’s still under $10! I have a few in my amazon cart right now to replace her OG (which should be done around every 3 – 4 months). A little trick I’m doing to help me to remember when to replace her toothbrush is purchase 1 year’s supply and label each one with the month we should start using it. (I went with 4 months for each brush) I keep them in her top drawer in her nursery, which is a drawer I use multiply times daily, so I will see them often and remember to replace it once that month rolls around. Linked on Amazon below – have it at your door in 2 days (with prime). 🙂



On to the dangerous task of clipping & filing your baby’s daggers…er… I mean nails. haha Those tiny fingernails can do some real damage – I remember having tiny little cuts on my chest ALL the time, and not to mention Avalon would give herself some pretty good scratches on her face when she was tiny. I know so many mom’s dread this task, but I actually really LOVE the Frida Baby nail clippers!

I was trying to think of the best way I could go about describing how different they are from other typical clippers — because they ARE very different in the way they perform. With typical nail clippers, you press down to clip the nail, but then there is this almost spring-like action that happens and the clipper takes over and does a quick snap of the nail and springs back open – right?  I hope I’m doing an okay job of describing the normally thoughtless task of clipping your nails. So…with the Fridababy clippers, there is no spring-loaded action – so I feel like there is more control and a gentler clipping experience because it doesn’t spring down or spring back open. Is this making any sense at all? So basically….it’s easier to NOT catch your baby’s skin in the clipper because there isn’t that springloaded feature. I LOVE these nail clippers for baby nails – and I will never buy another pair again. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE this nail file – it’s perfectly curved to eliminate those sharp corners on nails without having to get the curve right on your own – it’s SO easy to use.  This is a product I HIGHLY recommend! It’s a winner – like for real! AND it’s on sale right now on Amazon! Shop below!

IMG_1471 (1)


First things first…if you’re a mom and you don’t own a NoseFrida – how do you do it?!! I feel like it’s become a standard in baby registry’s everywhere! And rightfully so! Keeping baby’s nasal passages clear can be tricky – and the NoseFrida came to the rescue….and STILL comes to the rescue 2 years later on a regular basis. I feel like it’s a TON more effective than those nose sucking bulb thingy’s that you get at the hospital. I mean – this is a tool we use almost daily even now to keep Avalon’s nose in the clear. Just a little saline spray and a quick suck, and we’re done. There have been phases of times when Avalon has HATED having this done, and then phases where she thinks it’s funny and laughs and trys to do it on her own. But man, when she hated it, it was rough… 🙁 But when your little one is sick and you need to suck their nose and get that snot moving – this thing works wonders. Nothing compares! We did have to replace ours after about a year and a half because the tube started to loosen up and would come off mid-suck (haha) but other than that, this thing is so durable and has been a product I wouldn’t ever give up. This one is also available on Amazon!



Moms – remember that newborn gassy phase? If you’re not in the thick of it right now, maybe it’s not as fresh of a memory. But man– those early months can be rough with a gassy baby. And if you’re up for trying an outside the box idea to give your baby some relief – you MUST try the Windi. If you don’t know what the Windi is – it’s a disposable little tool you gently place just inside your baby’s rear end (yup…you heard me right) and it will help your baby release some gas. Hey…desperate times call for desperate measures! Thank goodness we have no memory of being a newborn, am I right?



This thing is GENIUS you guys! I wish I had this little contraption when Avalon was a baby, but it wasn’t out yet. And granted, we did use it recently because she still loves paci’s at 2 years old (but that’s a whole other Oprah…) I think this would normally be better for younger babes who aren’t too crazy about taking some medicine when the time comes, but do enjoy a paci! This little tool is a medicine dispenser that hooks into a paci so that the baby sucks how they normally would on a paci, but the medicine by passes their tongue and taste — and just get swallowed. How awesome is that? I know there were times when I was worried that Avalon wouldn’t get her dose because we couldn’t get her to swallow her medicine – or she’d spit it out because she hated the flavor. But this thing would have been SO nice to have. If you have a little one who fights medicine, this is something you should add this to your Amazon cart NOW to have on hand for when you need it.

This was a long one! But sharing my love for Fridababy is real folks! Their stuff is so great – and I love that you can get it all on Amazon too! 🙂

Are you a Fridababy fan? What are your faves of the Fridababy products?




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  1. 2.19.18
    Michelle said:

    This was great! NoseFrida is a staple in our house for sure.

    I didn’t know about their toothbrush – awesome! We have the spring loaded nail clippers, which you described well, AND yet Liam still cuts himself. I am going to order these clippers and nail file right now!

    • 2.19.18
      sarahk said:

      Their products are just so awesome! I hope you like them as much as we do over here! As I was typing the description of the nail clippers, I was like…I hope this makes sense. So I’m glad it did! haha Have an awesome day and thanks for the comment! xo

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