Magnetic Lashes – Worth it or not?

If you’re like me, I’ve been VERY curious about this magnetic lash trend…because I love wearing falsies! So I bought two different brands of magnetic lashes that I read good things about & put them to the test.


I read a little article about the 10 best magnetic lashes on the market….not so sure how reliable this article was….but it was a starting point for me. I was looking for lashes that are lightweight on the eyes, look natural, and I wanted to try out a full lash set and a partial lash set. And based on what I read, I purchased the following two styles from Amazon.

Left (partial lash) – Ultra thin 3D Fiber Reusable Magnetic False Lashes for $10.99

Right (full lash) – VereBeauty Magnetic False Lashes for $15.99

Each set includes (4) pieces so that which is one set of lashes (each eye requires a top & bottom)….so it’s much pricier than my tried and true Ardell lashes from Target that run just under $4 for a pair.

The Ultra Thin partial lashes (in left pic above) had the magnets on the middle of the lash line section, where VereBeauty (in right pic above) had the magnets on both ends of each set. I thought this might make a difference, but it really didn’t.


I was SO excited to try these and thought they would easily snap right on together and I could have gorgeous, enhanced lashes in 15 seconds flat…my hopes were very high. When they arrived, I wasn’t impressed with the packaging at all and felt like I had ordered a much cheaper product than what was advertised to me. So that was the first red flag. And unfortunately, once I tried to get these lashes on, the disappointment continued. Sad face!

I feel like I’m pretty savvy with lashes in the first place, being that I’m a makeup artist and often do lashes on myself and others with ease…..but these babies were HARD to put on! It took me several practice runs to even get looking halfway decent! The full set wouldn’t even go on right for me at all so I don’t have any pictures of how it looked – it was a disaster. And one of the magnets simply just fell OFF the lash when I removed it (very gently) from my eye and therefore were un-usable from that point on! I lost patience and tried again with the partial set again the next day only to get the same outcome….I was so sad that these didn’t work for me. The full lashes didn’t conform to the curve of my eye what-so-ever so once you get the magnets on the either end of the lash together – the lash just straightens out and looks HORRIBLE! And the partial set did the same thing.

I did take a picture of the partial lash on my eye. It was just a bit less noticeable how straight it was because it didn’t cover the full lash line. But to me, it was still obvious and wasn’t flattering at all. (You can see how straight the lash looks – it doesn’t conform to the curve of the eye.)


So to me, this product is NOT worth the hype! I’m considering trying a few more sets out, but to be honest, the magnets weren’t that comfortable either. Just walking around the house, they would move down onto my lashes and end up not staying along my lash line and then it looked like a spider was hanging off  the end of my real lashes. Haha

Wouldn’t it be horrible to be in public & have that happen? Or worse, they come loose and then you’re missing a top or bottom because the magnet came apart – and then you’re walking around without lashes on one eye?  I feel like these are not reliable for staying put for an event like a wedding or even a typical work day.

So I’m hesitant to give it another go, but I did hear good things about Urban Lash….so maybe I’ll try that next. I’ll keep you posted!

If you’re a fan of magnetic lashes, what brand do you use? And I’d love any application tips you have!



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  1. 2.25.18

    Really good to know! I’ve been wanting to try these, too. 🙂

    • 2.27.18
      sarahk said:

      I’m glad it was helpful to read up on these before you buy and regret it. 🙂

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