Another baby!

We are feeling beyond blessed to grow our family by one more! And SO thankful for all the love on social media – thank you everyone! <3  I still have to pinch myself every morning that we are actually pregnant again. Even through all the morning sickness and that ever-lingering exhaustion that comes with the first trimester – it’s still such an amazing dream come true. Being pregnant again brings on such a mix of emotions…from fear to complete joy, pure excitement and then anxiety. I’m overwhelmed with emotion when I think of how wonderful of a big sister Avalon is going to be, then feelings of fear creep in about how I’m going to split my love between two…and I worry for how Avalon will feel when I’m not just hers anymore. I know that these are all emotions every second-time mom experiences and they survived – so we will too! 🙂 I also can’t wait to see Casey be a daddy all over again to another precious baby girl – he always said “I’m destined to have all girls” – and he was right….so far! He’s so happy we are having another girl and so am I!

With our happy announcement – I also just had to take a moment to express the feelings and compassion I have for people out there who struggle with fertility or loss. Every time I thought about making our baby announcement – I had it in the back of my mind that our news may not be so happy to hear for others who are on a hard journey to have a baby of their own. And my heart goes out to anyone in that situation. Casey and I can relate because that was us not that long ago. Our journey of starting a family began with loss & heartbreak, continued with help from a wonderful fertility specialist and thankfully, we ended up getting our sweet Avalon. And now to be growing our family by one more, we feel incredibly lucky and full of hope and love!

I still get so nervous at every appointment and feel a huge relief after hearing that baby’s heartbeat! And seeing Avalon’s excitement about her new baby sister has been beyond! She knew about the baby from the very beginning and actually ended up spilling the beans to a few people sooner than we were ready for. I had no clue how bad 2 year olds are at keeping something on the DL. Who knew? haha JK! Av loves to sing songs to her baby sister, asks to hold her on the daily, rubs my tummy and talks about how she is so excited to help change her diapers and burp her. It’s just the sweetest!

So I thought I’d answer a few of the top questions I’m getting….

When are you due?

We are due in October so I’m officially into the 2nd trimester – I swear the first trimester drags on for what feels like 693 days!

Hold up…how do you know the gender already?

We always opt to do the 10 week blood test which tells you about any chromosomal issues as well as reveals the gender. We lost our first baby girl because she was a trisomy 18 baby and so personally, it’s a peace of mind thing for us. And we just can’t help ourselves but find out the gender as soon as we can!  Can you say impatient?!?  So at 10 weeks along, we found out we’d be getting a baby sister for our Avalon. I’m so happy she’s going to have a sister – because I just LOVE my sisters and don’t know what I would do without them. <3

Have you been sick?

SO sick! SO SO SO sick! The best way to describe morning sickness is like a hangover on steroids. You know… those type of hangovers you get when you’re over 30?  THOSE kind! The only reason I could somewhat function was thanks to Diclegis – my doctor put me on this right away and it definitely helped me feel a bit better and not throw-up quite as much. I am always hesitant to take medication – but I had to do something so I could at least somewhat function on a daily basis. I’m still on it because I still get pretty nauseous in the evenings….. hope that passes soon!

Thanks for reading my blog post – I’m can’t wait to share this journey with all of you!



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