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This year, one of my goals was to try invest in a little bit more “me-time” and to not feel guilty in doing so. Anyone else?!? Much easier said than done. I always seem to put myself on a guilt trip when I want to do something for myself – whether it be a workout or getting a quick mani & pedi – it’s something that I actually need to work on. My hubby constantly gets on me to take more time for myself. Sweet guy, huh? But whenever I do take care of myself, I’m a better wife & mom for it. So it’s a win-win! I just need to learn to do it more consistently. Again…much easier said than done, right?

Part of my new self-care goals included improving my smile. I’ve gotten increasingly self conscious about my smile as I get older – it’s not as white as it used to be (thank you coffee & tea…and wine before pregnancy, of course) and my teeth are crowding a bit more so my smile is actually getting more crooked too. So when Smile Brilliant reached out to collab, I jumped at the chance to achieve a whiter smile!

Smile Brilliant is an awesome, EASY way to whiten because it’s all done in the comfort of your own home (yet still has professional dentist office whitening results)! They sent me all the supplies to create custom fitted trays myself. This first step was a little intimidating initially, but super easy once I dove in and got it done.

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Making your Custom Whitening Trays at Home

You get 3 sets of jars that have two types of a putty-like material. You just mix the putty (1 blue and 1 white) together and then place it in a blue mouth piece. These steps are a bit time sensitive because the putty starts to harden as soon as the two types come in contact so that made me a bit nervous, but again, it was so easy! Much easier than I thought it was going to be.

Once you have them placed in the mouth piece, you insert it into your mouth. The instructions say to have paper towels, or a towel handy – and I definitely needed that. Hellooooooo drool!! (The whole process is in my IG story highlights so check that out!) You let it set in your mouth for 3 minutes. I did this during nap-time so I wouldn’t get interrupted. And then you remove them and place them in the provided envelope to return to Smile Brilliant so they can make your custom whitening trays.

Making Time to Whiten

It was a super quick turnaround because before I knew it, my custom whitening trays arrived and I was ready to start whitening. I would typically use my whitening trays in the evening during my nighttime skincare routine. I just moved that whole process up to be a bit earlier & pop my trays in and finish the day with a whitening session. Since I don’t necessarily have the time to get full-on ready every morning (#momlife) – the evening routine worked out good for me. But you could do whitening sessions during a workout, your morning shower/get ready routine or even if you have a longer commute (which used to be me) so, do it while you drive! One thing us women are best at is multi-tasking – am I right?

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I also want to share with you that I do have sensitive teeth, I have to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth and just be careful as to what products I use. So, when I ordered my kit, I let them know this up front, and they have a great solution! They included a special desensitizing gel that you apply after your whitening session and so I used that every time. And I have to say – I didn’t have one bit of extra sensitivity while whitening my teeth like I have with other products I’ve done in the past! It was amazing! Thank you Smile Brilliant for taking care of this!

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Another part about Smile Brilliant that I really appreciate is getting personalized, custom trays that are specifically made to fit my teeth. This is beneficial so that the whitening gel gets into every groove of my smile and therefore, you achieve a more consistent result with all your teeth getting white – not just the front! AND the product is cruelty free & vegan! Just had to throw that in there too since it’s something I try to pay attention to for myself in beauty products I use.

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Enjoy your White Smile

Finally, all you have to do is enjoy your whiter smile and flash those pearly whites to everyone! A smile can literally brighten anyone’s day – and sometimes it feels so nice to just share a smile with a random person you pass while running errands or walking down the street. Who knows – it might give that person a little hope in their day! 🙂

Here is a snap of my before & after! Loving my whiter teeth!

side by side SB close up

Giveaway Time

Now is your chance to enter to win your very own Smile Brilliant kit by clicking the link below! But if you don’t happen to win, but still need to get your hands on a kit – my discount code lashestolullabies20 for 15% off store wide HERE! Happy Whitening!

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Photography by Teryn Hoagland

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