Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Finally! I can share all the final details with you about our master bathroom remodel. It has been completed for some time and we’ve been enjoying it like crazy! I still have to pinch myself that this is my bathroom – we love it!

I have shared a bit about the remodel process in a couple previous posts you can find HERE and HERE that focus on the design and planning process. We are so incredibly happy and thankful with how everything turned out, and even though I’m still working on styling the vanity top and the open shelving – I wanted to share the final remodel pics with you. Again, if you want to see some of the before pictures, they are in this post linked HERE.

It felt like quite the process going through the demo of this space – we had to move into our guest bedroom for a few weeks and use Avalon’s bathroom during that time, which felt so crowded and unorganized, but it was all worth it to end up with the bathroom we’ve been dreaming of for this house. The whole remodel took about 5 weeks, however we had to wait a bit longer on our custom shower door so technically, it wasn’t fully completed for a full 7 weeks! Demo day was March 29 (the whole bathroom was gutted!) and the shower door was installed on May 17 – so it was longer than we expected, but again…worth it!


We LOVE this frosted glass pocket door! We decided to style out the frame a bit, which I’m so happy with and we are thrilled to have the door to our bathroom located here instead of having a door to the water closet (toilet room). The ONLY thing I wish I would have known about or researched a bit more – was to make this a soft close pocket door. It’s installed and done now, but that would have been amazing to include. So if you’re debating a pocket door, I would highly recommend making it soft close! But overall, we love this new entrance into our master bathroom.


No more door/wall to the water closet area (aka toilet room)! We couldn’t be happier with how this turned out and we love how open the floor plan is now. The space has a much better flow and it just feels so open and airy now.


I’m obsessed with roman shades, but they are SO expensive! So I’ve used a shop on Etsy for a few projects now that does faux roman shades and I love how this one turned out, it’s literally perfect for the space. I just send her my measurements and she makes me what I want – amazing!!! I linked her shop here for you! And I think I spent under $30 on the rod through Overstock – steal of a deal! And I made sure it hung at the exact same level as the lighting so that there are clean lines throughout the space and the eye isn’t necessarily confused or drawn in another direction.


I am still working on getting things to style the open shelving – especially the top shelf. I’ve bought and returned several things now. I know it’ll come together with time, but if you have any ideas or suggestions – please send them my way! 😉 The shelves are Ikea Ekby Jarpen and the gold brackets are from World Market. Oh and this hamper has been an awesome Amazon find! I was hesitant at first, but I’ve really loved it. All the hampers I was looking at and liked were SO pricey – like well over $100 for a hamper – so when I found this one for $29.99 – it was a no-brainer AND if I didn’t like it, returns are so easy.

The toilet paper holder is actually also super affordable Amazon find!


The lighting, faucets and vanity were all ordered via Overstock! Can you believe it? I had a really good experience with them – especially on the vanity which I was SO nervous about. Overstock basically arranges delivery like a normal furniture deliver place would, and it arrived in one piece, very well packed and in perfect shape. Phew! We, of course, switched out the hardware on the vanity to gold & acrylic pieces I fell in love with from All the drawers function in this vanity (holla!!!) and they are all soft closing as well. I love them! The vanity came with the real marble top, sinks and the mirror. All of these pieces are linked below. I used an Overstock coupon when I ordered so we got everything discounted even further – love getting those good deals!

The skylight washed out the second sink in the picture above – but I promise – it’s there!

Lighting / Faucets / Vanity / Hardware

Towels / Baskets 



We couldn’t be happier with the custom shower door! It’s gorgeous! This was a splurge piece for this bathroom (along with this shower floor tile too but more about that in a bit). But we feel like the pay off for the splurge is majorly WORTH it! This door!

We went through L&L Glass in Arvada, CO to order this door and had an amazing customer experience with them. I LOVE the matte black hardware (which we had to wait longer for), the way the door slides is so seamless and smooth and it’s just stunning! Everyone who walks in this bathroom comments on the door. We paid extra to have extra clear glass, so it doesn’t have as much of that green hue that regular glass has. And then we also invested in the coating for the glass so that it’s low maintenance to keep clean. We are obsessed with the door and feel like it was the right piece to invest some extra funds into. The installation was done wonderfully by the L&L team and they have had amazing customer service so I know if any leaks show up or anything, they would gladly fix them! I love how this door is truly frameless – only sealed with silicone and no metal pieces are on either edge! It creates such an open and airy feeling to our space and shows off that gorgeous tile we selected for our new shower.


As far as tile choices go, again, we’re really happy with everything we chose! We did a marble looking large format porcelain matte tile on our bathroom floor that was very affordable – and so glad we went with the matte, it’s not super slick like polished tile which means it’s safer getting in and out of the shower….and for our little ones that will be in and out of this space as well. And the large format is good because it means less grout, which means it stays clean better! 😉

Then we did another large format porcelain polished marble looking tile on the shower walls. We had them take the tile all the way to the ceiling to add some drama – and we LOVE the look. I had some issues finding the right color dye lot for this particular wall tile – so this caused some extra stress, but eventually I found the right dye lot at another store and we bought it up. A lot of the dye lots had more greenish veins – and I was not down with that. So thankful I kept looking! This shower wall tile was also really affordable too.

And then we are so glad we went with solid white marble pieces for our shower curb (the thing you step over to get into the shower) instead of using cut pieces of the marble tile – this means less grout, stays cleaner easier and just has a seamless look. We did this for our shower ledge and our window sill inside the shower too. We did a shower ledge instead of a shower nook because, again, less grout and easier to keep clean and it gives us a lot of space too! I love how it looks. This was probably a tiny bit more costly than using the shower wall tile for all these areas, but not by much, so it was a good decision for our design.

Finally, our shower floor tile – the other splurge item! This tile was not cheap, but we didn’t need much of it so that was helpful. It’s real marble and we are OBSESSED with the pattern – it makes a statement without being too bold and just adds interest and dimension to the space. IN LOVE!!! Worth the splurge for sure. We treated and sealed all the real marble tile ourselves since it requires some additional maintenance over all the other porcelain tile selected.

Our tile guys were AMAZING with all the cuts they did – there were some days I was just in awe at how strategic they were. It is SO important to get someone that knows how to make the right cuts – there is nothing worse than bad cuts – your eye immediately goes to what’s off.  And that didn’t happen here. We did a 1/3 off-set for both the floor and the shower and I’m really happy with that. I was really debating doing stacked instead, but I think for our space, the 1/3 off set turned out beautifully. I did A LOT of research on tile!


Here is a close up of the shower head I had to have! As well as our awesome shower ledge for product! I wanted a square shower faucet because I wanted to continue our theme of modern and clean lines and this one fit my vision. We actually bought a Delta faucet for our kitchen remodel last year and have been happy with it so we decided to buy the same champagne bronze finish for this space. This was another item I really had a hard time deciding on – I thought maybe I should go with black, but black does show water stains really easily, and then I thought maybe chrome just to mix some metals (I love mixing metals), but at the end of the day, gold won. This shower head has a few settings and I love the water pressure on it and all the settings – and having a detachable head was a must for us too. It’s nice to be able to use when cleaning the shower and Avalon actually loves using it too – she thinks it’s so cool when she takes a shower that she can actually control the shower water. This was another splurge item for us.


Here is a peak at our new shower window – if you looked at the before pictures, this used to be a plastic 90’s cube window. Ew! Now it’s a gorgeous double hung window that we can open and actually utilize. It’s privacy glass so no one can see in, but we can open it down from the top or up from the bottom and we actually often do open it! And I’m still swooning over that matte black hardware on the shower door in this pic too – love!


I love getting ready in this bathroom and can’t wait to finish styling everything! I’m on the hunt for some really cool artwork and of course pieces to finish out the open shelving and the vanity. This is the really FUN part. Transforming this space was so incredibly fun for us and we are still in awe that this is ours! A few more bathroom accessories that are in the pictures above are linked below (like our towel hooks & my vanity mirror), and I also included our wall and trim paint colors in case anyone else is on the hunt for some good white paint colors.



Wall color – Benjamin Moore Calm (a cool gray white) / Trim color – Benjamin Moore White Opulence (a warm but bright white)

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  1. 7.25.18

    This is beautiful! Super jealous!

    Please check out my blog if you get the chance! Would love if you could comment and subscribe!

  2. 10.24.18
    Caroline (Rogers) McCormick said:

    Hey Sarah! I love love love your new bathroom! Nick and I are hoping to embark on the reno journey soon, so I was wondering if you could share your contractor details?? (I mean, when you finally have a chance to think because… p.s. CONGRATULATIONS on the new babyyyyyy!!!!! 😍)

    • 10.24.18
      sarahk said:

      Hi! Thank you so much! We are so happy to be home with the new baby! 🙂 Such a relief. And we used our contractor twice – for our kitchen and again for this bathroom…and actually our main level bathroom too. We really like him. I will say he’s hard to nail down…so you may have to call a couple times to bug him to come out and do an estimate. But once he’s on your job – he’s great. He’s just so busy so he books out pretty far in advance too. Just a heads up. His name is Andrew Meng with SquareOne Remodel –

      Good luck!

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