5 Baby Essentials Every Second Time Mom (or 3rd/4th…) MUST HAVE

5 baby essentials for 2nd time moms

#1 – The Dock-A-Tot

I’ve been told by so many second-time moms that this product is amazing! So by the time I got pregnant with my second little babe, I had already been swooning after one of these for quite some time. The second time around, I think it’s that much more important to invest in products that serve multiple purposes and not fill your house with a bunch of stuff. The Dock-A-Tot meets that criteria to a “t” – it is perfect for general baby lounging around the house & easy to move from room to room if needed, it’s a cozy co-sleeper, good to use as a changing pad, and even makes bed transitioning easier! (This was a MAJOR bonus for why I wanted this product)! It also comes in two sizes, the Deluxe for up to 8 months and the Grand for 9 – 36 months.

I am extremely excited about this product – tops my list of must-haves fo sho!!! Dock-A-Tot even sells adorable toy arch attachments that I’ll for sure be adding eventually. Another thing I’m looking forward to using this for with baby #2 is supervised tummy-time. Avalon HATED tummy-time with a passion, and I just can’t help but think that if she had something like this that she was already comfortable in, she might actually have done better with that task. Having the cushion around the sides makes it a better position to prop that baby up to help them develop neck strength. Not to mention cute photo ops!!! 🙂

I was absolutely thrilled to get this amazing product compliments of Dock-A-Tot. I’m thankful to collab with a brand that takes safety so seriously – they thought of everything from temperature control to their OEKO TEX Certification. It’s hand-made in Europe and completely free of any known harmful substances. I love having that peace of mind.

It’s also easy to take care of – which is key for second-time moms. The cover is machine washable – thank you Dock-A-Tot! You’ve literally thought of it all!

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#2 – A Comfy, Quick & Easy to use Baby Carrier

I wore Avalon A LOT! She loved it – I loved it. Some evenings, it was the only thing that worked to calm her down! I’m hoping to continue that trend with the new baby. So if you’re a soon to be mom to two, and maybe didn’t baby-wear much with your first, this could be a great thing to take up your second time around. I also think it’s going to be handy to baby-wear and still be able to have my hands somewhat free for Avalon.

I used the LilleBaby (linked) with Av and really liked it for longer outings, not to mention having all the multiple positions was nice. It does have a lot of structure and back support so as baby grows, this was really nice. I will say, however, there were times I literally spent 3 – 5 minutes trying to get Av & myself all buckled into this thing when I was alone without help. I definitely got quicker the more I got used to it. But I’ll never forget one day sweating bullets in the Whole Foods parking lot trying to get the back part buckled for several minutes — and that is just a luxury I’m not going to have with a toddler. Am I right?

So I want a baby carrier that is EXTREMELY easy & QUICK to whip on, put baby in and be on our way. No big wrap with lots of material and not a structured carrier with a ton of buckles — so the Wildbird Ring Sling is the winner for me, personally!

The Wildbird sling is also one of those multi-use products that could also be used as a nursing cover-up if need be, a blanket for baby when you’re not wearing her/him and can actually be used to wear babies up to 35 pounds too! The double layer slings are geared towards older babies and might offer more support for the wearer as baby grows. And the single layers are a bit easier to use with less fabric for smaller babies and especially that newborn phase. They have a ton of breathable fabric options – which is also key because some other carriers can get a bit hot. So I’m super excited about this item for baby #2!

The sling is also just stylish and feels like a perfect accessory to any outfit too! Right up my alley!


#3 – Binxy Baby

I’m trying to think back to how I grocery shopped with Avalon when she was a new baby…isn’t that crazy how quickly you forget?!? I’m so excited to have this shopping cart hammock for those trips out and about with a toddler AND a baby in those early days. You can either put baby right into this handy little contraption (talk about cute photo op yet again) – or if baby is sleeping in their infant car seat, you can let them stay nice and cozy right where they are and place the whole car seat into the Binxy Baby! Genius right? It’s received rigorous safety testing to hold up to 50 pounds and fits in most standard carts. And then you still have room in the cart to fit groceries or killer Homegoods finds! Once your baby can start to sit up, it’s time to stop using this one, but I feel like this is one of those products that I’m going to really appreciate having. A special thanks to Binxy Baby for sending this to me! I got the Coming Up Roses print and it’s gorge in person!

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#4 – New Burp Cloths

I think this is just one of those things you need new for every baby. I kept my old burp cloths and recently went through them and man did look pretty dang yellowed & gross when I unpacked them! So this is an item I’m adding to the list because it’s one of those essentials you’re just always going to need, and why not get a nice, fresh & clean set! I LOVE the aden + anais ones! They are SO gentle on baby’s newborn skin because they are so soft, yet very absorbent. They are the perfect size, big enough for big spit-ups, yet compact enough to throw in the diaper bag and carry with you.

AND…this is another multi-use product because it can also be used as a bib! You heard right – it wraps about baby and snaps at the back to turn into a bib. Win – win!


#5 – Bath for Two

This is another task that just changes with two and so I’ve been researching products that will help make bath-time as easy as possible with a toddler & a newborn. With Avalon, we used (and LOVED) the 4Moms Infant Tub – this thing was amazing with temp control, alarms when water was out of the safe range, and it always allowed clean water to flow in and dirty water to flow out. Great purchase for a first time mom! It was an awesome product! BUT…it’s quite large and there is no way it will fit in our tub along with Avalon in there too.

There is also no way I’m doing two separate baths for baby and Avalon & I know Av is going to want to bathe with her baby sister, so I found a more compact infant bath support that’s going to make bath-time a breeze! So when we do actually give our newborn girl a bath (which will be rare in the early months – but that’s a whole other post) – we plan to use The Angelcare Baby Bath Support. It’s the perfect size, has soft mesh so hopefully comfortable on baby’s skin, and the holes in the material allow for water to be around baby to keep baby warm, yet not submerged necessarily. And even though it’s soft, it still has structure to support a newborn babe. Very excited about this for those early months as well.


What other items do you moms think are must-haves for a new baby second time around? I would love to hear from you! Any advice and tips are greatly appreciated!



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