Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Isn’t it wonderful & crazy that we live in a world where we can literally get practically any purchase delivered right to our door these days? Even mattresses can now be ordered online, shipped compactly and set on your door step! So when the time came to order Avalon a twin bed to transition from her crib, I started doing some research on some of the best options out there.

I looked into all the popular brands that are doing the roll-up mattress thing….and narrowed it down to Lull, Leesa, Casper and Tuft & Needle. And then my research started…. All these mattresses are made up of all foams of different kinds (so no coils/etc), also none of them need a box spring necessarily either (but could work with a box spring if you needed it to). I wanted to get a platform bed for Avalon and so I wanted to buy a mattress we didn’t need a box spring for.

All of the above brands really make you want their product when reading about them on their respective sites. All offer a 100 night guarantee to love the bed or your money back, free shipping & a 10 year warranty.  All are similar prices as well – the Lull twin is $500, the Leesa twin is $525 (before any promos that they might run), the Casper twin is $595 and the Tuft & Needle twin is $350 (all pricing mentioned reflects most basic mattress offered).  Most of the brands have expanded to offering more than one selection or level of mattress now too.

Almost all brands also had memory foam in at least part of their mattress except for Tuft & Needle – T&N has an adaptive foam that has benefits of memory foam, but not the same price tag so it’s a little less expensive than the other brands coming in at that $350 price point for the basic twin. They built their mattress on the simplicity of just 2 layers of foam explaining that more isn’t necessarily better and that’s how they can keep their price tag where it is. T&N also has some certifications that were important to me like Greenguard Gold & OEKO TEX, on top of CertiPUR-US (which most brands has at least this one certification), so knowing that the mattress didn’t contain harmful chemicals and was completely safe for my little one also made it the winner for our situation. So I pulled the trigger – after reading LOTS and lots…and LOTS of reviews…and I ordered the Tuft & Needle mattress for Avalon.


These cuties! I just can’t take it. <3

It arrived, as promised, in a few short days, it was uber easy to roll out and set up (probably the very easiest part of the whole bed transition actually!) and we were instantly impressed with the quality and comfort of it. So, if you know me at all…you know I can be a little indecisive. Okay…a lot indecisive. So I continued to read up on the T&N mattress even after I ordered it and stumbled across a review that said the T&N was one of the more firm mattresses – so then I started to worry because I knew that wouldn’t work for Avalon. She LOVES sleeping in our king bed in our bedroom and it’s a traditional pillow top bed that’s pretty soft and not too firm, which is what we like. But when we tried out the T&N after it was all set – it was SO comfortable! Not too firm at all, but also not too soft. I was very pleasantly surprised. Both Casey and I have fallen sound asleep in Avalon’s bed with her and been very comfortable – so needless to say – that review caused some unnecessary worry about the firmness.

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We all couldn’t be happier about the Tuft and Needle purchase – including Avalon! She has been sleeping so much better than she ever did in her crib. I did want to add that they also sell waterproof mattress pads (that aren’t plastic and noisy/uncomfortable) so I purchased that as well since I know potty training is right around the corner and wanted to be prepared for that. The waterproof cover doesn’t take any comfort away from the mattress, which I really appreciate.

Once it comes time for Casey and I to invest in a new mattress for ourselves, we plan to buy T&N for us too…maybe the Mint Mattress for us! 🙂  You can even buy T&N on Amazon! yay!

Click HERE to shop Tuft & Needle on Amazon! 

I hope this review was helpful if you’re considering a new mattress, whether it be for yourself or a loved one. We have been so happy with T&N, their customer service and their product – and you just can’t beat the price point!




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