My Fall Wishlist

As some of you may know, I used to be a corporate event planner and actually still run my own business doing this on a small scale. Being an event planner, you’re constantly living in your calendar months ahead, so funny enough…I’ve basically taken the same approach every time I start planning out my fashion wants for a new season.

Fall 2018 Wishlist for L2L (1)

I like to be prepared for every new season ahead of time for a few reasons… First one is mainly because I don’t have an unlimited budget to just buy whatever I want, so I want to be smart & focused about how I spend my money on trends. Second, I want to shop smart – so if I happen to be out and about (happens a lot less now with a toddler in tow), and I find something cute I want to buy – I compare it to my wishlist to see if it crosses off one of my wishlist items — if it doesn’t, I really evaluate whether I want to spend money on it or not. This way I shop smarter and actually focus on things I know I want instead of waste money on an impromptu purchase that I may wish I didn’t buy later. And last, I like to pick a few trends that I just can’t live without – sometimes I’m not a huge fan of trend so I don’t add it to my list.

Next I start doing some fashion research…yup, you heard me right. haha I start researching what the trends are going to be. Fashion trends always hit the runways LONG before the season begins. So I start pinning, googling and looking up what was seen on the runways for the upcoming season (knowing that runway looks always get adapted to real life looks thank goodness haha). AND another thing I always do is look up the pantone color swatches that have been released for the season as well – I usually screen shot it in my phone just to have it on hand. I’m not necessarily “married to” the season’s pantone colors, but I just like to be aware of what was predicted and be on the look-out for colors I might gravitate to that were included in the report. You can access this fall’s report HERE.

Okay – now on to my actual wishlist (which also happens to be ever changing as the season progresses like a running tab of stuff I want). I keep my wish list in a note in my phone – super simple and handy. And then I can share it with family when they ask me what I want for my birthday!

Slip-on Platform Sneaker

These are just a go-to for me all fall long and maybe not a super hot trend, but one that’s still going strong I’d say! I wore out a blush colored velvet pair last year and need to replace them with something. I love being able to slip something on that’s casual yet stylish – they go with leggings, jeans, everything! Even dresses paired with sneaks is a big trend. So I just feel like this is a smart purchase and a trend that’s easy to wear for everyone. And currently being 7 months pregnant, any type of shoe that I don’t need to bend over to get on is key! I also just can’t bring myself to do the dad-sneaker trend…..(yet…I think) so for me – a slip-on sneaker it is! 🙂 I’m thinking about splurging on the Vince ones this year with some extra Nordstrom notes I have.

Lucite Earrings

As soon as I started seeing lucite earrings, it was a must-have item for me! I just love the look of lucite in general (I even wanted a lucite crib for Avalon a few years back) – this clear, glass-looking material can easily glam up any outfit but does so without taking away from the whole ensemble. I ordered the flower drop earrings below and can’t wait for them to arrive. I had to have them! But I’m crushing on the other pairs below too, especially the square ones – love em!

Neon Accessories

Yes – I’m serious! Neon is back in a big way! Have you seen Blake Lively, Sarah Paulson or Kim Kardashian lately? This is a trend that’s not falling by the wayside. So as much as I LOVE my fall neutrals & tonal cardi’s for fall….I’m all about sporting this new fall trend! I love adding edginess to my look…I feel like I used to be a lot more edgy, so it’s fun for me to find ways to work back into my wardrobe these days. I’m keeping my eye out for some neon statement earrings, a neon clutch and maybe even a cami too. And if you’re a little unsure about getting on board with this trend, but think you might want to give it a try. Just combine your neon piece with really classic & neutral (like black, blush or nude) staples so it doesn’t feel like too much of an adjustment for you. I have noticed that this trend currently has more availability with high-end lines like Prada & Balenciaga….but I know it’s about to trickle down and be everywhere. At least, I’m willing to bet on it! So below is more so inspo rather than actual purchases for me because…well, I do not have $895 to spend on a clutch!

80’s sweatshirt

The 80’s inspired a lot of fall fashion for this year, from bold shoulders to acid washed denim and bright hued colorblocking – it’s a trend to pay attention to for this fall. So I couldn’t ignore it and added an 80’s style sweatshirt to my wish list because I feel like that’s a super easy way to commit to this trend – and I’m probably going to be home with a newborn a lot this fall so why not be comfy too!? But basically, if you look for anything that makes you think of the 80’s – you’re going to be on trend this fall! 🙂 I LOVE the super soft texture of the first option below and the second one with that stripe detail!!! <3

Prairie dress

This is another one that might catch you off guard, but prairie dresses — yes…as in Little House on the Prairie – were seen all over the runways. And I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone with this one and find a good prairie style dress that’s versatile enough that I feel comfortable in it…not sure I can go full-prairie! haha

Other honorable mentions for fall trends include a ton of animal prints, lots of plaid & tweed and black leather too. I just feel like my wardrobe this fall is going to be geared more towards casual comfort and functionality since I’ll be nursing and keeping my little newborn as healthy as possible (hello homebody life) since she’ll be born right before cold and flu season hits.

Some other items on my personal wishlist that are more staples rather than trends are:

Everyday leggings (especially with a high waist for post partum)

Super cozy and soft cardi that’s not too long or heavy
(I want a shorter version because 1. I’m short and 2. I just feel like less material is more wearable sometimes for around the house)

Short Sleeve Button Down

I feel like I’ve been seeing short sleeve button downs all over the place and I don’t have one yet, not to mention, they are nursing friendly so another bonus for me. 

I hope this gives you some style inspo to find the pieces you want to invest in for this fall season! Would love to know what your go-to pieces are going to be too!



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