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Does anyone else have a hard time committing to art for your home? Even though I have a deep love for designing spaces, I always have the hardest time with the final touches and selecting art for my walls. I annoy myself with how much I contemplate art purchases…and then I never end up pulling the trigger and actually purchase something. It’s a problem!

Projects that should take a few weeks, take months because I just can’t decide on art! And that’s been the case with our master bedroom. We’ve been re-designing the space for awhile now….I’ve bought and returned a few light fixtures, can’t decide on curtains, and definitely haven’t committed to artwork. So…when the artist behind seven sixteen reached out about her art – I was 200% on board and super excited to partner up with her on a blog post! Her art is AMAZING! So it made the decision so easy to commit to one of her pieces for my master bedroom.

I hung it on my side of the bed above my nightstand area – every day and night I look at it and it spurs emotion in me, which I LOVE! First of all, the colors feel very serene to me, which I wanted for our bedroom. It combines a softness that makes my space feel cozy, yet also has a nature element which feels very Colorado to me (and I’m a native so there’s that). And it also reminds me daily that I’m thankful for my blog…it is a visual token for me to remember how much I love blogging and how it’s been a special part of my life, and how I’m appreciative of the partnerships blogging has brought my way. Supporting a local female artist is something I’m PROUD and HONORED to do. And I’m excited to promote her and her work on my blog!

Becky Pollard, the artist, is so talented, creative and passionate – and all of that comes across in her art. She just launched a beautiful website – so you HAVE to check it out (linked below)! Her holiday collection is to die for! Her tree ornaments are gorge – I have several in my cart and I think they will be perfect hostess gifts for anyone hosting your Thanksgiving this year. She has that boho vibe down whether it’s with fiber art, textiles or paintings. I’m just in love with so many of her pieces! So many great gifts for the holiday season. You just have to shop her site!


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So…I want to know – do you see art as a something to invest in for your home? I have personally found that I really enjoy having pieces that mean something to me, or have a personal connection somehow — so I guess maybe that’s why it takes me so long to commit to a piece. I can tell you, I enjoy it that much more when it’s something that’s meaningful.



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