Ollie Gray – the everything bra for my post-partum mama’s

This bra is life ladies! If you had a baby recently (or you’re about to have a baby), you have to check out this bra that pretty much caters to all aspects of life as a new mom who is nursing and/or pumping for your little babe. It’s obviously nursing-friendly with the easy access clip down feature, but it also has little slits so you can use it as a hands-free pumping bra too! Genius! I LOVE LOVE LOVE not having to switch bras just to get a pumping session in. It’s the little things that make life simpler once you have a newborn you’re taking care of.

This bra is also super supportive and can be used as a sports bra once you’re cleared to work out. And it’s just comfortable to wear as an every day option too. I’m really picky about comfort and this one truly is one I grab for. They have so many cute and simple designs to choose from and it’s worth it’s weight in gold so you don’t have to strap on (or carry around) a separate hands-free pumping bra. Especially if you go back to work and need to pump during your work day – this is a must-have!

Shop Ollie Gray HERE! It’s buy one, get one 50% off for Cyber Monday so now’s the time to shop!




For reference, I am wearing a size Large (Hello milk!) but refer to their size guide on their site to find your perfect fit. It was very accurate for me. 

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