Gift Guide for Him (written by my hubby)

Gift Guide for Him

When Sarah asked me to guest blog to create a Guys Gift Guide I was stoked! I had recently Googled “Top Christmas Gifts for Guys 2018” in search of ideas for myself for Christmas and my Kwanza birthday. The results were underwhelming to say the least: a collapsible dolly, #1 oven mitt, stud finder, crappy lawn games…not exactly things that get me excited for the holidays. So I decided that I can do better. 

Here are my personally recommended top 10 gifts & stocking stuffers for that special guy in your life this holiday season. 

1// Norlan Whiskey Glass  2// Grainstack Wallet 3// Ecobee3 4// Airpods 5// Orbit B-Hyve    6// Hydroflask 7// Wood Watch 8// Adidas Boxer Briefs 9// Anker charging cord 10// Native

#1. Norlan Whisky Glass – $48 for a set of two

I love to sip on whiskey – and doing so with this glass makes me feel extra (as Sarah would say it) – but I’m not that cool so I’ll just say it makes me feel old fashioned & more sophisticated than I actually am. They are double-walled and hand blown so these are a really unique addition to any cocktail glass collection. 

#2. Grainstack Wallet – $15 – $30

These handmade wood wallets are made in Crested Butte, Colorado and are guaranteed for life! Such a unique gift for the minimalist man. Every single wallet is hand made by the founder and chief craftsman, Jeremy Erickson.

I purchased a Walnut wood wallet this past summer and love having a slim wallet that consists of just a rubber band and a piece of wood. I’ll admit these wallets are not for everyone, but I love it and imagine lots of other guys will too. 

#3. Ecobee3 WiFi Home Thermostat – $170

The Ecobee3 leaves the Nest in its dust. We installed an Ecobee3 in our home over two years ago and have seen all the many benefits this thermostat has to offer. And being able to adjust the house’s temp when I’m laying in bed…or on our way home from being out all day is seriously the best thing ever. I also really like that you can get room sensors to monitor each room and adjust the heat/cool air accordingly. The latest version of Ecobee, the Ecobee4, even works with Alexa. Crazy cool! 

#4. AirPods – $159

I LOVE my Apple AirPods. They were a “self present” over a year ago. These things are so versatile. I use them for taking business conference calls, listening to Podcasts, and listening to music while I work out. They have become something I literally wouldn’t live without. So much more comfortable than the standard apple earbuds – and going cord free is more life-changing than I thought it would be. Game changer and worth buying for sure.

#5. Orbit B-Hyve 4-Station WiFi Smart Sprinkler System – $60

If your guy owns his own home and is as obsessed with keeping his grass as green as I am, this gift is right up his alley. My neighbors don’t know it but they’re in an annual competition with me to see who can keep the greenest lawn on the block.

The Orbit B-Hyve is the best budget friendly smart sprinkler system on the market today. This small device packs a lot. It has weathersense technology that provides smart watering based on the forecast for your location, so say you are scheduled to water your lawn on Monday but a rain storm is predicted for that day, the Orbit B-Hyve will automatically delay watering your lawn for 24 hours based on the forecast. Pretty cool, right!?

This device is also EPA certified so your guy may even be eligible for a rebate from his local water or utility agency. I geek out on this stuff! ha

#6. Hydro Flask – $40 and up

The hype is real! I was always a Nalgene user in college but when I witnessed Sarah’s Hydro Flask maintain ice cubes in ice cold water for 24 hours while sitting in a hot car, I ditched my Nalgene and now exclusively use Hydro Flask.  I will never use another plastic water bottle again…ever. I prefer the black 32 oz., wide mouth bottle but there are so many size variations and colors these days you can’t go wrong and they’re sold almost anywhere – Target, REI, Costco, Nordstrom, etc.

The company has a cool backstory too – the initial product was created by a husband and wife out of the need for something to keep their water colder for longer while surfing in Hawaii.  They sold the company in 2016 for a cool $210M, woah! Goals!

#7. Wood Watch – $85 and up

Keeping with the wood theme here, wood watches are all the rage these days.  I own three different wood watches from three different companies (We Wood, Treehut and Jord) and they are all great products. Wood watches are lightweight, durable, and easy to care for. Anytime I wear one of my wood watches I get tons of compliments.  This would make a great gift for any guy who enjoys collecting unique time pieces. 

#8. Adidas Climalite Boxer Brief – $10 and up

Why are boxer briefs the best stocking stuffer for men? So typical, but hey, fresh underwear is the best. And I personally love how comfortable yet..ah eh…supportive these ones are. I appreciate that I can wear these for every day, but also for working out. A must have for any guy!

#9. Anker – $12 and up

Need another stocking stuffer idea? Enter the Anker charging cord. Why are the apple charging cords so horrible? They fray so quickly! Please do your man a favor and buy him his new fave charging cord. These ones are made of strong nylon fiber so they last SO much longer and come in MUCH better lengths – I prefer the 6 ft one but they even come as long as 10 ft. Not being tethered 3 feet from a wall plug is amazingly freeing! haha Not to mention, they have awesome customer service. Sarah’s Anker cord was a couple years old & started to fray and the company replaced it and shipped a new one for free! We were super impressed, not only with their product’s durability but with their exceptional customer service too. 

#10. Native Deodorant – $10

Sarah was on me to switch my deodorant to Native and once I did – I haven’t looked back. I actually do feel better about using a product that’s better for my skin and health without harmful ingredients. So even though your guy may not seem to care about using something more natural – he might once he starts to use it, like me. I’m sold on this stuff now and highly recommend it and think it would be a good stocking stuffer. 

Sarah and I have been loyal subscribers for a couple years. You can opt out of the subscription service and buy single products at Target as of late, but we prefer the subscription service because you don’t have to think about it. It ships right to your house (for free!!!!) and they give you a little bit of a discount if you do so.

I hope this gift guide helps you out with ideas for this holiday season! And I hope you enjoyed reading my post – it was fun to put something together for Sarah’s blog.









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