New baby…new sleeping arrangements

Nighttime in our house has changed a bit since the arrival home of our little London, and I was nervous about how it would go, mainly because Avalon ends up in our bed at some point on most nights. Which I secretly loved….I’ll take all the snuggles that girl has to give. But that made me nervous because I was worried about how she would react to not being allowed to sneak into our bed to sleep anymore. Especially since the new baby would be in our room, waking frequently to nurse and having Av in the bed with a new baby was not in any way safe to me, personally.

As a second-time mom, I really didn’t have a concrete plan for our sleeping arrangements once we got London home. I know there is not just one thing works for all babies…and I was going to follow London’s lead about what would work best for her. She was still on oxygen when we brought her home from the NICU so I did know I wanted her close by at all times to be able to monitor her. (If you want to hear about her birth story and why she was in the NICU – click here to read that post). And I knew that I wanted a portable option so that I could move her to wherever we needed to be in the house during the daytime being that I also had a toddler to cater to.

The Dock-a-tot was honestly something I wished I had with Avalon, but now that I have it for London, I’m so thankful and super happy with it. It’s so convenient and portable, and London feels safe and snuggly hanging out in there. She does sleep in it in the middle of our king size bed at night – on top of all the covers… and I like that there is a little barrier and safe place that’s dedicated to her right there in our bed. She actually had a very similar sleeping setup for her whole stay in the NICU, so I felt like the Dock-a-tot made her transition from NICU to home very smooth. The hospital has all these soft little accessories that they use to help make the babies a perfect little sleeping cocoon. And honestly, it really reminded me of the Dock-a-tot.

We have had to monitor London’s oxygen levels at home in order to eventually get her weaned off the oxygen assistance, and whenever she was closer to me while she slept, her oxygen levels were higher than if she was in the bassinet or further away from me, which I thought was super interesting.  The Dock-a-tot has honestly made me feel so close to my new little babe. I typically lay my head right above it and London and I fall asleep holding hands. Melts my heart! And when she stirs for her nighttime milk cravings, it’s so easy to just pick her up and nurse her right there in bed. I have a little diaper changing set up on my nightstand too with a changing pad, diapers and wipes – so I don’t ever leave the bed all night long. Which has been great for my c-section recovery and because I’m lazy in the middle of the night. haha

So whether you’re a mom-to-be, a current mom or know a mom who needs this in their life, the Dock-a-tot is an awesome option to have on hand….even for supervised tummy-time and awake play time for those little babes. They even have cute toy arches to attach to it for when you need a little visual stimulation for your little one.  My followers get a $10 discount on any Dock-a-tot (see link below)!

Back to how Avalon has adjusted to not being able to come into our bed at night anymore….well – now we go to her bed! Casey or myself often sleep at least part of the night in Avalon’s bed in her bedroom – thank goodness it’s a very comfortable bed! It’s musical beds in our house right now – and that’s what is working for us so we are totally fine with it. It’s so temporary in the big picture of life – and while our kids are young and need us close, we are committed to providing that closeness for them. I know someday when they are older, I’m going to miss this time in our lives and think back on it fondly.



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I am not a baby safe sleep expert and encourage every mom to do their own research about safe sleep for your baby and do what works for your family. This review of the Dock-a-tot is based on my personal experience only. 

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