Toddler Gift Guide

Toddler Gift Guide

1// Moonlite Storytime Projector 2// Little Martin Camera 3// Ukulele 4// Singing Machine 5// Pottery Barn Doll Convertible Stroller 6// Toddler Jewelry Box 7// Christmas Books 8//Bath Toy 9// LOL Surprise Doll 10// Dyson play vacuum 11// Walkie-talkies 12// Think & Learn Smart Cycle 13// Train Set 14// CozyPhones 15// Color Me Castle 16// Little People, Big Dreams Books 17// Hard shell suitcase 18// Counting Board

1. Moonlite Storytime – $24.99

This is one of the coolest storytime ideas! You use an app on your phone and this little projector device to transform storytime into a fun and magical moment for you and your kiddos. Avalon LOVES this thing!

2. Little Martin Camera – $15

These little camera’s are so cute and modern, you won’t mind leaving them out of the toy-box for everyone to see. They are great pretend toys to have for your toddler or child to practice the art of photography.

3. Ukulele – $19.99

I think this is such an awesome gift for any child with an interest in music. This little ukulele is the perfect size for a toddler, yet they could learn real chords and hone their skills early.

4. Singing Machine – $39.99

Another musical gift – maybe not so much for the parents, but kids will love this sing along machine!

5. PB Stroller – $69

This stroller is so nice! It’s a great size, super trendy looking and actually functions better than some real strollers. Such a cute doll accessory!

6. Toddler Jewelry Box – $29

I think this is such a great childhood gift that will bring about memories and become a keepsake box for special jewelry. And I’m all about gifts that also help organize little toddler things – so it’s a win/win!

7. Christmas books – $11 – $13

Linked is one of our fave holiday books! This one has a special light-up surprise at the end and Avalon LOVES it. And it’s a great book to compliment the original Little Blue Truck as well. We also had to get this classic this year – can’t wait to gift it to the girls on Christmas Eve this year.

8. Bath Toys – $10 – $14

This rain cloud is a STEM bath toy that seems so simple you might wonder why it’s on this list. Well, all kids just seem to love this toy for bathtime – from 1 – 5 years old. It’s easy to keep clean and can spur several different educational conversations about weather or cause/effect. So it’s on the list!  I also really like this bath toy too.

9. LOL Surprise Doll (Small) – $10

Surprise toys are all the rage – and the small little dolls & accessories somehow make little humans super happy! So this is a great stocking stuffer idea for toddler in your life.

10. Dyson Play Vacuum – $25

This has been on my wish-list for Avalon for some time now – it’s SO cute! And actually has some suction so it works! Such an awesome pretend play toy for toddlers.

11. Walkie Talkies – $27.99

These are so cute and can provide hours of fun! Kids love having walkie-talkies!

12. Think & Learn Smart Cycle – $89.99

I’m obsessed with this little indoor cycle for kids – I came across it online and was so curious. You can hook it up to a tablet or the tv – and kids can play games! Perfect for indoor fun during winter months when they may not be able to ride a bike outside, yet they can still exert some good energy by pedaling away. Such a cool concept!

13. Train set – $39.99

This train set looks so fun – I was in love with trains when I was a little girl. So this set brings back some childhood memories. I love that this one has a bridge and some buildings & trees that come with it. It’s a super cute set.

14. CozyPhones – $19

I have read amazing reviews on this and got them as a stocking stuffer for Avalon this year. I hope she loves them. They are comfortable on little kid’s ears and don’t fall off like regular headphones. They have volume control so that they can’t get too loud for tiny ears and lots of cute color and animal options.

15. Color Me Fairy Tale Castle – $39.99

This is a nice little project for those tiny humans in your life – they can color and decorate their playhouse as they please which is fun all on its own. But then it doubles as a fun playhouse for them to use their imaginations for hours of play.

16. Little People, Big Dreams Books – $9 – $13

I’ve talked about these books before on my blog and we are a big fan – especially for those young gals in your life. These books focus on women in history who have made a difference in this world – the message is empowering for young women to dream big.

17. Hard Shell Rolling Suitcase – $97

Avalon has been itching for a suitcase for awhile now. Not that we travel all that often, but she loves organizing things, packing things up, unpacking, and pretend-play so even if we aren’t traveling, a suitcase would be played with often in our house. And this one is also cute & not cheesy…so there’s that!

18. Counting board – $49

This montessori toy is a great math toy that has so many ways to play with numbers starting with counting, but then simple math problems can be done too. Love toys that help kids with skills like these.

For Christmas, we’ve tried to ensure our kids get something to read, something to play, something to experience and something to wear. Granted there is nothing to wear or experience on this list, the read and play categories were the focus of this one. I hope you’ve found this list helpful.





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