Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents Gift Guide

1// Personalized Minted Hanging Bar Calendar 2// Generational Photo Shoot 3// My Life Story So Far 4// Smart Garden Grow Kit 5// My Family Cookbook 6// 23 and Me Kit 7// Seat Massager 8// Lucky Iron Fish 9// Membership to club/hobby/parks 10// Luggage and Packing Cubes

1 – Minted Hanging Bar Calendar

Minted has so many beautiful options! Grandparents will love seeing your kid’s (or your) beautiful face(s) on their calendar. They are currently offering 15% off and free rush shipping on last minute gifts – so you still have time! But order ASAP! Use code LMGIFTS to receive the promo. I’m not sure how long that promo is running.

2 – Generational Photo shoot

This can be such a special memory – not only because you’ll get images to last a lifetime and reflect back on, but because a photo shoot can be a bonding experience and fun for grandkids and grandparents to do together. You can even present a hand-made gift certificate to them. And as our parents get older, the less things they need or want, so an experience like this is far more meaningful – plus they get the photos too!

3 – My Life Story So Far

This is such a cool gift – and really it’s a gift that will eventually land up being treasured for multiple generations! Such a great idea to document and get your grandparents life-stories written down in one place – so that their wisdom and experiences can be passed down to kids and grandkids.

4 – Smart Garden Grow Kit

I love this garden idea! It’s great for grandparents – easy to use, fresh herbs all year-round and none of the maintenance. I want one of these for myself too! This is a really useful and unique gift idea. Order on amazon to get it in time for Christmas!

5 – My Family Cookbook

This is the perfect gift for the grandparent that has heirloom recipe’s that should be passed down for generations to come. You can keep them all organized and in one place with this awesome cookbook. I love this idea!

6 – 23 and Me

These DNA and Ancestry kits are all the rage and I’m on board! It’s definitely a cool gift idea for someone who may not purchase this for themselves, but is interested in learning more about their history and genetics. And it can be fun for the whole family to learn more about those important grandparents of ours!

7 – Seat Massager

Who doesn’t want a nice massage from their own couch? Spoil your grandparent with this easy to use portable seat massager – and then you can use it whenever you visit too!

8 – Lucky Iron Fish

As we get older, it’s important to have enough iron in your diet – which isn’t always easy. So this little iron fish is a great stocking stuffer for your grandparent who enjoys cooking and wants (or needs) a bit more iron in their diet. They simply just add this little iron fish to naturally get more iron into the food they are already eating – no need for extra supplements!

9 – Membership to a club/hobby they have interest in

Sticking with the theme that the last thing grandparents need is more stuff – finding out what they have interest in and getting them a membership is a great way to gift them something they will actually use year-round. Like a membership to an art museum, gym or fitness classes, cooking classes. Or maybe they love getting outdoors and a national parks pass would be good for them! Whatever it may be – this can be a great gift that keeps giving throughout the year.

10 – New Luggage & Travel Cubes

Are your grandparents jet-setters? Isn’t it the goal to retire and travel? So if your grandparents enjoy traveling, why not spoil them with some nice luggage? Luggage can get so beat up these days and needs to be replaced every so often. I’m obsessed with the Away luggage and think it would be a nice splurge for g-rents! And I’m even more obsessed with staying organized with travel cubes – love these and won’t pack without them!

I hope this has been a helpful gift guide! Comment below on what other ideas are great for grandparents!





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