NYE Outfits…ahem pajamas

My NYE uniform these days is a comfy pair of pajamas! Such is life when you’re a mom to a newborn and a toddler and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m sure we will have super fun NYE parties to attend again in the far off future, and I’ll be able to shop for sparkly dresses, fun clutches and jewelry – but until then, I’m down for the coziest pair of pajamas and slippers! So for this post, I wanted to gather my fave pajamas – because a girl can never have too many cozy pairs to slip into to get your beauty rest!

We are currently obsessed with “jammas” in our house – Avalon LOVES being in pajamas and because we are home a lot right now – she doesn’t necessarily need to get dressed every day, even though I still try. But it’s always a huge battle to get her to put real clothes on – I’m assuming this is a phase and so I’m not going to stress about it. Oh…but she’ll for sure put on her Princess Belle dress anytime! So we have that going for us! haha She loves her pajamas – just like her mama!

NYE Jammas

1// Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Pajamas 2// SIORO Pajamas   

3// Make + Model Pajamas  4// Natori Sleep Shirt  

5// GYS Modal Nightgown  6// Josie Jersey Sleep Shirt  

7// Gilligan & O’Malley Pajama Set 8// Natori Robe  

9// Old Navy Onesie  10// J.Crew Short Pajamas

1// Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Pajamas

They come in lots of colors and patterns, they are always in stock and they are light weight, stretchy and oh so comfortable! They wash well too and hold up nicely without pilling. I always think these make a nice gift too – I gift these whenever I’m not sure what to get someone. Certain patterns are currently 40% off for the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale so NOW is a great time to purchase!

2// SIORO Pajamas

I bought this pair in black for my hospital stay while having London and I pretty much wore them every day – these are actually pretty similar to the Nordstrom jammies with just a few minor differences. They are super soft and I want to purchase more of them! They also come in a short sleeve/shorts option which I want for summer. I also just love button down for easy access for nursing too!

3// Make + Model Pajamas

I am obsessed with this brand – everything they make is so cozy and comfy – which is obviously my MO! 🙂 I bought these in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale earlier this year in a different print and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! They are so cute and just feel like a second skin when on. I love how they fit and they are just super flattering too. On days when I don’t need to get dressed, I like to keep this pair on all day as my OOTD! haha  AND this is another pair that’s 40% off right now for the Nordstrom Half-Yearly so buy them ASAP!

4// Natori Sleep Shirt

Because sometimes pants are just not necessary! I love a good sleep shirt. I bought this one right before my hospital stay with London and I find myself grabbing for it often. Especially when I want to feel a little fancy for nighttime – the silky feel of this one makes me feel bougie and I love that! haha And these are airy and light and feel so good against your skin. I need more of these – also button down makes it easy to nurse at night.

5// GYS Modal Nightgown

I feel a little bit like an old lady putting this on the list, but I can’t help it! This modal/spandex nightgown is UBER comfy and I just love it! Especially if you’re a hot sleeper. I wore this all throughout my pregnancy at night because it’s so comfy – yet it’s not maternity so I still get to wear it. And it’s stretchy and flowy – perfect for nighttime. I love this thing!  And you can’t beat the price on this one!

6// Josie Jersey Sleep Shirt

Another no pants option! I WISH this one was on sale for the Nordie Half-Yearly Sale! But sadly it’s not, yet it’s worth the $$ – so comfy, casual. I love the neckline on this one and again, it’s button down so if you’re a nursing mom, it’s easy access for nightime feeds.

7// Gilligan & O’Malley Pajama Set

Because this list would NOT be complete if I didn’t include a Target Gilligan & O’Malley pajama set! Why are their pajamas SO soft? They are so affordable and comfy – love these things. It’s so hard to not throw a pair in the cart while shopping at Target, am I right?

8// Natori Robe

I LOVE a good robe – and this one is it! It’s so soft and cozy – yet not too bulky. Perfect for layering over pajamas. I love the just-below-the–knee length and the arms aren’t too bulky or long too. Lots of good colors to choose from that all have a calm feel to them.

9// Old Navy Onesie

Adult onesie?! Yes please! This one is stretchy, soft and perfectly loungy and cute!

10// J. Crew Short Pajamas

Another 40% option for the Nordie Sale – so hurry, hurry! They are currently still stocked in a lot of sizes! And so cute! I love a good shorts pajama set.

Happy lounging everyone! And I hope your NYE, whether you’re in heels or slippers, is an amazing, safe & happy one!



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