My unexpected goals for 2019

I typically don’t really set New Years resolutions for myself – but I do like to sit down and set some intentions and goals for the new year. And as I get a little older and my life evolves, I find it more important than ever to live with purpose and be intentional. However, some of my goals for 2019 might be a bit unexpected – and I might even go as far to say I should possibly be a little embarrassed to admit these as actual goals for myself! So here goes…

1// Read A book

Yup – just 1 book! I’d like to take the time to maybe just get in 1 read in 2019. I wish I could say that I read books and be able to talk about the latest and greatest book I just read, but that just doesn’t seem to fit into my life right now. If I get a chance to sit down & relax to have time to myself, I’m usually exhausted and my eyes are too tired to even think about reading, I’ll just fall asleep. But I do want to set the intention to maybe find time to read a good book this year. Any suggestions for the 1 book I read???

2// Shower more than once a week

I’ve started to get a little better about making sure I get the time to shower, or even just take a quick rinse…but often times the days just flow into one another and I can’t remember the last time I stepped foot in the shower. I know, I know – that’s bad and I’m honestly a bit embarrassed…my poor family! haha Don’t worry, I’ll use body wipes if I don’t get a shower in, but still – there is just something so relaxing & refreshing about a shower as a mom. I call it “starting from scratch” if I need to (or get to) shower and actually wash my hair, shave my legs, yada yada yada – that’s the best feeling! So I want more of that “best feeling” in 2019!

3// Have more living room dance parties

Sometimes this is the only way I’ll get a workout in! And Avalon LOVES it when we have little dance parties – and I’d like to be more active in 2019 – so this is one way I’m planning to get it in.

4// Make lunch for myself instead of eating whatever Avalon doesn’t eat

Any other moms guilty of this? I am! And so in 2019, I’d like to ensure that I don’t always eat Avalon’s leftover mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets (at least they are organic! haha) and hopefully I can get in the habit of making myself an easy salad or some other healthier option.

5// Be LESS late to everything!

I’m still figuring out how to get out the door with two kids – one being a new baby! I’ve shaved off 5 minutes here and there, but it’s still a process. Avalon hates getting dressed these days – so getting her ready takes MUCH longer than it should lately! By the time I nurse London, get myself somewhat put together, get Avalon ready and pack snacks, burp clothes, diapers for two, wipes galore, back-up outfits, etc – it’s time to nurse London again – so then that adds a lot of time to nurse, change her again and so on! So we are late to almost everything – so being a little less late is a realistic goal for us right now!  LOL

6// Wear heels once a month

Okay, this one might sound funny. I used to LIVE for heels! You wouldn’t catch me in flats…EVER! And now it’s the opposite. So whenever I have the chance to wear heels, I’m stoked. I always wear heels on a date night – and I think my hubby and I need MORE of those in 2019 – so really this goal is about setting the intention to plan more date nights with my hubby. Love that guy!

Think this is a good start? TBH, I’m pretty dang excited for more showers in 2019!



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