Your Best Skin in 2019

I love the energy in January – everyone is motivated to better themselves and feeling positive about reaching some new goals! Me included! It’s exciting and fun – and so I thought I’d share some ways to step up your skin care regime in 2019 so that your skin can be out there living it’s best life!

Here are some of my top products I recommend along with a few tips at the bottom of the post that you can start doing TODAY so that you’re on your way to your best skin yet.

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1// Nurse Jamie Beauty Roller

Anyone else obsessed with Nurse Jamie? She comes out with the coolest products! And this beauty roller – massage daily and you’ll see your skin tone improve, and notice a lift in your skin! I have seen THIS dupe on amazon but wasn’t sure if it was as good as the Nurse Jamie one – but if you want to try this technique without investing too much – the amazon one could be a good one to try.

2// Vanity Planet Spin Brush

I love my VP spin brush – and now you get can it at Target! What?!? That’s a bonus! Once you cleanse with a spin brush, you won’t go back. I love using this and you’re skin feels so silky smooth afterwards. I also love using it with my exfoliator – it just gives your skin that extra buffing it needs every once in awhile.  Sometimes I even just use water and the gentle setting/brush to get a simple AM clean.

3// Vitamin C Serum

I linked one of my faves, but basically you could get any vitamin c serum you want – just look for a clean product (no parabens/etc) with vitamin c near the top of the ingredient list – it’s so important and really, something everyone should be doing for their skin. Thank me later! 🙂

4// Neutrogena Light Mask

Light therapy is awesome you guys! When my eczema was horrible, I would go lay in a light therapy bed twice a week and it basically helped heal my skin and I haven’t had a flare up since. This mask is great for acne and anti-aging alike! And just a low cost & fun way to get your skin some light therapy benefits. It targets bacteria and reduces inflammation. I couldn’t use mine when I originally bought it because I got pregnant, but I’m so excited to break it out of the box now!

5// Nurse Jamie Neck & Decollete Skin Perfecting Silicone Treatment

Your face starts at your boobs! Ever heard that saying? 😉 Hopefully that gave you a good giggle, but it’s SO true! We need to take care of our neck & decollete just like we do our face, so don’t forget to use your sunscreens, serums and moisturizers on these areas, but here is a really cool silicone wrap to enhance all your products for this area. It’s an area that can easily get neglected – and because the skin is thinner, it can show aging quicker or you might notice lines develop as you get older if you’re a side sleeper especially. You can get 20 uses out of this – so well worth it IMO.

6// Trader Joes Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum

This is a STEAL! And so far, I really like it compared to the more expensive serums I’ve purchased. It does take a little longer to soak in than other’s that I’ve tried, but I’m MORE than willing to deal with that for this price point. And I otherwise really like how it feels on my skin, how it wears under makeup and the texture of it when applying it. It’s like a gel, not an oil. I’m impressed and this might be a staple in my beauty routine now. Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient that’s hot right now and for good reason – it helps your skin maintain moisture and that’s necessary for young, supple skin. So add this one to your cart on your TJ run.

7// Jade or Rose Quartz Roller

The natural stones have such healing properties and these face rollers have been used by women for centuries to help achieve better looking skin. I LOVE my jade roller – it’s SO refreshing because it naturally gives a cooling sensation, which helps tighten skin and firm it up. I really do notice an immediate difference whenever I roll. I love it.

8// GloPRO Microneedling Tool

I need this in my life! I’ve asked for it for a few Christmas’ in a row – and no dice so I think I’m just going to buy it for myself. Microneedling has AMAZING benefits for your skin – this can help with scarring, enlarged pores and hyper-pigmentation, not to mention this particular microneedling tool has the LED light to stimulate collagen production — and now they sell a rose quartz attachment so you could switch the head out to get those cooling and healing benefits too!

9// Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age Defier Mask

This is still one of the coolest masks I’ve ever used – as well as effective! I LOVE the way my skin feels after I used this one – so smooth and the tone is so much better and it truly does make my face feel tighter. I’m a big fan! And I love that you don’t use water to rinse off this mask, and just rub the excess leftover into your skin – my skin is so soft after this mask – I highly recommend you try it.

10// Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar

I have a major crush on this product – like major! This gorgeous tool vibrates to stimulate muscle tone in your face and neck, and also helps the serums you use penetrate deeper. Especially good for those tech lines (the lines in our neck from looking at our phones so much and yes that’s a thing now!) Also, I love Jillian Dempsey so I was just sold on this.

11// Tweezerman Dermaplaner

Shaving your face has SO many benefits. Why do you think men seem to age a little slower than woman? If they shave on the reg, they are constantly sloughing off dead skin cells and stimulating cell turnover. So if you’re a fan of getting dermaplane done with your esthetician, you could invest in a home product to get you similar results. I’ve often shaved my face with a new, regular razor in a pinch, but it’s best to actually buy a tool that is specifically made to do dermaplane at home. Don’t follow my lead and use a regular razor – especially if you haven’t done this before at home.

12// Dry Brush

I did an OLD post solely dedicated to all the benefits of dry brushing — and maybe I should do a refresh on that topic. But I wanted to include this here because dry brushing yourself before a shower has a ton of health benefits and really can improve your skin all over your body!

13// Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

I got this in the Rachel Zoe Fall Box of Style last year and I fell in love. I really noticed almost immediate results using this serum and now I have to have it in my skincare collection. My skin texture and tone improved when I use this serum consistently. I love how quickly it absorbs into the skin and it’s not oily, so that’s a nice change from some other serums. If you like your serum to feel light weight and look for a quick application – this one is for you. This serum’s ingredients are proven to be 62 times better than vitamin C at brightening your skin. It helps with hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and acne scars. I’m telling you, this stuff is amazing!


Drink lots of water, add some powder flavoring or cut up fruit if you need to make it more interesting or buy a fancy new water bottle you’ll love carrying around – the moral of the story is just to get hydrated from the inside out. I promise you’ll see your skin improve if you drink more water!

Wear sunscreen ALL THE TIME!  Make this your staple and something you never leave the house without wearing. And if you’re young – start now. This is the number ONE anti-aging thing you can do!

Drink ICED green tea! So many amazing anti-inflammatory benefits of drinking this. Anyone else love getting the iced green tea at Starbucks? I love it. Iced can be better for people with redness or rosacea because hot beverages can make those conditions worsen.

Sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom!  Hydration is KEY for anti-aging. And at night is when our body repairs itself while we sleep – which is why it’s so important to select good serums and do a good skin care regime before bed – but also why you should add a humidifier to your bedroom to help hydrate that skin of yours to keep it young and supple.

Also, just sleep! Beauty rest is real and it’s so important to keeping our skin looking young (and bonus if you sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase that won’t tug and drag your skin). So if you can get more sleep… DO (says the girl who got maybe 2.5 hours of sleep last night). I need to take my own advice and make sleep more of a priority – but with a toddler who is not a great sleeper and a newborn – that’s just not always realistic.

I hope this post helps you achieve some of your skin goals for this new year! If you ever want or need any other personal recommendations or suggestions about skincare, feel free to DM me!







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