5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

A friend asked me the other night – how do you do it all? And at that exact moment, I was feeling like a complete failure and not confident at all. It got me thinking… we all tend to have the perception every now and again that everyone else has it all together, and we are behind the pack. But in reality, everyone has moments of low self-confidence. Here are some tips to boost your self-confidence when you’re not feeling your best self.  These are things I do that help me feel more confident in myself so I hope they help you do the same!


Wear Something that Makes you Feel Good

There is just something about wearing an outfit that makes you feel good. Jeans that fit just right or a new accessory that gets you all the compliments! Either way, dressing in clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own skin are key to boosting that self-confidence. Lately, I’ve been grabbing for this new pair of Levi jeans because they are so comfy AND they fit my post-partum bod just right. I seriously LOVE them!


Levi’s // Cardi // Cami // Bag // Heels

Do Something Nice for Someone Else

It’s amazing how thinking of others can actually help deflect negative self-thoughts and make you feel more confident in yourself. So next time you’re in that Starbucks line, pay for that person’s drink behind you or randomly leave your server a generous tip when you’re out to eat, or send an old friend a really meaningful, encouraging text. Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll feel more confident about yourself after you do something nice for someone else.


Listen to your fave rap song

I am pretty sure most people have a favorite rap song – right? Or is that just me? Let’s be real…I don’t have just one fave. haha I love me some rap! Listening to a hard-hitting song that gets you all hyped up can actually make you feel more confident in yourself. I read a study saying that job interview candidates that listened to rap music with heavy bass before they interviewed exhibited higher self confidence and performed better than those that didn’t do this. Isn’t that crazy? So if you’re not a fan of rap…try to find some other song with heavy bass and see how it makes you feel. I have to admit, I always feel more confident after listening to Cardi B.


Take Care of Yourself

You know those days when you drank all the water you’re supposed to, you made healthy food choices, you got your work-out in AND you washed your face and did your entire nightly skincare routine to end the day. Those days always give you a little boost, like…I got this! Taking care of yourself is key to feeling more confident. Even if you don’t start the day off that way, try to end on a good note. It feels good to take care of yourself!


Don’t listen to yourself when you say I can’t

Easier said than done some days, but confidence comes from within and you can do whatever you set your mind to! Give yourself little rewards for even the smallest successes and focus on telling yourself you CAN! Positive affirmations are powerful and getting into a pattern of doing this can make a difference. Doesn’t have to be complicated, just positive.




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