What I bought this week

I thought it’d be fun to share with you some of the things I’m super excited that I bought this week. Some things have already arrived and some things I’m still waiting on. I mean, what is there to look forward to if you aren’t waiting on any packages to show up on your door step? haha  This is a really random list that has a bunch of odds and ends on it, but nonetheless, all of which I’m excited about.

What I bought this week

1// Golden Goose Dupes 2// Nike Leggings 3// Spray bottles 4// Tan Luxe Face Tanning Drops 5// Tretorn sneakers 6// Caldrea Room Spray 7// Lou & Grey Poncho

1// Golden Goose Dupes

I’m sure you’ve all seen them ALL over the place on Instagram – those sought-after Golden Goose Sneakers are all the rage…and I found these dupes for just $30! So I snatched them up quick. I can’t wait until these arrive! They are so cute! And I’ve definitely been in a sneaker mood lately.

2// Nike Leggings

These leggings are SO cute AND currently 40% off – so hurry if you want them for the sale price – under $45! These have not arrived yet, but at that price I had to add to cart immediately. I think this will be a really flattering cute/color pattern. Fingers crossed!

3// Spray bottles

I saw these bottles on The Buy Guide (which is an account I LOVE!!!) and had to add to cart. I got them quickly via Amazon prime and they really are great! It’s sprays a really nice mist – so this will be awesome for doing Avalon’s hair, but also good to spray plants…if you’re into that. I am not because I cannot keep anything alive – except for this one aloe plant that’s growing like crazy in my house.

4// Tan Luxe Face Tanning Drops

The latest way to get the easiest faux glow – you just add 2 – 3 drops to your facial moisturizer at night and wake up with that perfect color. This one also hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s a purchase I’m stoked about!  I can’t wait to add it to my self-tanning routine.

5// Tretorn Sneakers

Can you tell I’m in a sneaker phase? ha I saw these online and read a bunch of reviews about these vintage sneakers and had a Nordstrom GC to spend so I decided to take a chance. Supposedly they are really comfortable, but the white might be hard to keep clean since it’s a canvas material – so I’ll treat them right away. But I love the look of a crisp white sneaker so I couldn’t resist.

6// Caldrea Room Spray

I’ve been really wanting a linen and room refresher spray so I found this one on Amazon and I’m obsessed with the scent – it’s a Rosewater Driftwood fragrance and it’s just enough to add a nice, light aroma to the room. I think this will definitely be a repeat purchase for me.

7// Lou & Grey Poncho

This is another item that’s currently on sale – 50% off the sale price at Loft so under $35! I saw this when it was full price and wanted it, but decided not to buy it. So glad because I got it on major sale by waiting! It’s an uber soft, heavier weight, stretchy knit that’s oh so cozy! This is going to be a perfect travel companion on an up-coming trip, plus easy access for nursing – which is a bonus! So luxe feeling!

I love hearing about things people bought and liked so I thought I’d share a few of my recent purchases with you! Hope you liked this post!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!



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