Starting a Fitness Routine

It’s the hardest part – isn’t it? Just taking the plunge and going outside of your comfort zone and starting something new…anything new! I have to admit, I have a funky history with fitness – it’s been a big part of my life for a lot of years. I even competed in fitness competitions back in 2010. And I think that time in my life was really pivotal because my relationship with fitness was not healthy. After that, I went through some major struggles…but now, I honestly feel like I have a much healthier approach to fitness now because I want balance and to workout just to feel good, not to look a certain way. I am most certainly not in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Matter of fact, I’m probably in the very worst shape I’ve been in my life. But I’m also the happiest I’ve ever been seeing that my body was able to produce life and continue to keep two humans alive! I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding since March of 2015! I’m so thankful to my body for that – and so on my new fitness journey, I’m focusing on that.

Here are some tips to take the plunge and make a workout routine stick! I’m telling myself these every day too so we are in this together!


Focus on what you CAN do

If you can only fit in 15 or 20 minutes, that’s better than no minutes! I’ve realized that my life doesn’t really allow me much time for workouts these days – but even if I have 15 minutes, I KNOW I’m going to feel better maximizing a 15 minute workout over beating myself up that I went yet another day with NO workout at all.


Dress the part

This may sound silly, but if you dress the part, you’ll feel excited and more confident to get your workout in. So buy those new leggings you’ve been crushing on – or some new workout shoes that make you take a double-take at yourself in the mirror! It might just be the motivation you need to get started! I’ve also made it a goal for myself to actually get my workout clothes on in the morning so that if I happen to get London down for a nap (that isn’t on me) and get Avalon busy doing something at the same time, bam – I can get a quick workout in! Although lately, every time I plan a workout, London seems to pick that exact time to skip a nap. So even more reason to actually have my workout clothes already on so when she does dose off, hopefully I can fit a quick workout in.


Pick something you actually enjoy

I feel like this is SO IMPORTANT! Picking a workout that you actually enjoy doing will set you up for success because you’ll look forward to getting it in. And keep in mind that what you enjoy may change over time, and that’s okay – so let your workout adapt along with you. I have to admit, I HATE boot-camp style workouts – like A LOT! It used to be my jam, but now…not so much. And I used to beat myself up for not wanting to do the boot-camp style of workout anymore because they ARE great workouts – but now, I’ve realized that it’s totally okay. There are so many other options and I just need to find something that I enjoy now. Plus, I’m just getting back into the swing of things post-partum and right now, stuff like Pilates and strength training are what I’m drawn to. But I’m sure that will change again!


Set a goal that’s NOT weight loss related

I have found this to be helpful to me in the past – and I actually need to sit down and think about this goal again for myself. A lot of the time, people start a new fitness routine because they want to lose weight. You might sit down with a trainer and go over all the numbers, talk about how much you want to lose, how many calories you can consume, yada, yada, yada… It can feel daunting, right? I will say, it is important to know your numbers and all that information is key to losing weight. But for that be the sole focus can make someone just starting out feel like a failure out of the gate, or at least it has for me. So, I like to have another goal that’s not weight loss related….for example – I want to be able to do 12 tricep pushups without my knees on the floor, or I want to be able to hold plank for 90 seconds. Working towards those types of fitness goals help your mindset focus on GAINING strength, not LOSING weight – and sometimes that little tweak of mindset can be just what you need.


Reward yourself

I think this can be a fun part of working out, I like to think of things I want to earn by getting my fitness goals accomplished. For example, if you meet your workout goals for 3 weeks in a row, then get yourself a new workout band, or a cute workout top! I think it’s important to reward yourself in a way that doesn’t involve food, so think of a way you could give yourself a little reward for those little successes along the way on your fitness journey.

I hope these tips are motivating and helpful – whether you’re a workout junkie or you’re just starting out —- or just starting out AGAIN (like me!). I would love to hear the ways you stay motivated, because we are all in this together so why not lift each other up and encourage each other!



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