3 Reasons to make the Switch to Natural Deodorant

This is one of those things that I’ve been pretty passionate about for a lot of years…it often comes up in several of my conversations and I’m always convincing people to make the switch. (Those that know me are probably giggling rn because they’re like – yup!) I’m not going to lie, making the switch can sometimes include a sweaty transition – which sometimes makes people give up. But if you stick with it through your “detox” moment, there are lots of reasons why switching to a natural deodorant will benefit you and your health for the long run. Ever since having London, my sweat situation has definitely increased – I call them my “nursing sweats” and I just needed a switch. A friend told me about Corpus Naturals and I was instantly attracted to the brand, so it’s exciting to partner up with them on this post.


1// Clean Ingredients

Traditional deodorants typically include antiperspirant and the main ingredient is aluminum. Aluminum basically “plugs” up your sweat glands so you don’t sweat, or at least sweat less. It enters your sweat gland and blocks the production of sweat. This harmful ingredient has been strongly linked to cancer and dementia. Scary, right? Especially considering that often women will shave our underarms and then put deodorant on that freshly shaved/cut skin – giving instant access to all our lymph nodes that exist right near our breast tissue/underarm area. Our bodies sweat for a reason! It’s one way our bodies can release toxins. This is why there is a transition time when making the switch to natural, your sweat glands are used to being plugged up, so then the initial reaction to stopping that can be a bit much. Your sweat glands are re-learning to do what they were made to do and will eventually start to self-regulate and you’ll sweat less. Promise!


2// The Texture

You may have tried a natural deodorant and had a hard time applying it to your underarms because it was so hard it actually hurt to put it on, and then it didn’t melt into your skin and left crumbles or residue on your clothes. One of the reasons I love Corpus Naturals is because its so smooth and glides right on…a little goes a long way. It dries quickly and there is no worry about it leaving white marks on your clothes. I love the gel-like texture and how easy it is to apply.


3// It Actually Works

I’ve heard so many people say that they don’t use natural deodorants because they don’t work. And it’s true! So many of them don’t work, believe me…I’ve been there in the aisle of natural deodorants trying to pick one that you think might actually work. I’ve tried a ton of them! So when I tried Corpus, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked so much better than what I was using – especially for me during this time of some extra sweaty nursing sessions. I also love the scent I got, which is No Green. I really want to try Third Rose too.


I cannot recommend Corpus Naturals enough! I love that their fragrances are plant sourced yet rival that of fine perfumes. You can tell! And I also love that it’s completely a US made product from the formula all the way to it’s packaging. Which can we just talk about this packaging for a second? I’m obsessed! It’s so pretty sitting out on my vanity – don’t have to hide this deodorant bottle in a drawer! And I also appreciate all the thoughtfulness they’ve put into their brand – Corpus is different. You have to give this one a try!






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