Personalized Hair Care

With all the latest technology and apps these days, it’s about time we should be able to get personalized hair care, right? I mean, you can order groceries and have them show up to your front door, you can work out with world renowned trainers in the comfort of your own home… why not get shampoo and conditioner made just for YOU!

With Formulate that’s possible! I am so excited to partner up with them on this post and spread the word about how you can get a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for your special combination of hair needs. And I’m teaming up with them to host a GIVEAWAY (scroll to the middle of this post)! Yay – I’m so excited for one of you to get your hands on your own personalized set!


First step is to take a simple online survey answering questions about the current state of your hair, what your hair type is and then answer some questions about what you’re looking for out of your hair products and what hair problems you’re on a mission to fix.

For me, I was looking for something to help with some scalp pain I’ve been having. I am the first to admit, I wash my hair maybe once a week, and that probably doesn’t help my situation. But I’ve started washing more to see if it would help and I’ve still had an itchy and irritated scalp. My head would actually hurt! And honestly, once I tried my first formula of Formulate – my scalp felt INSTANTLY better! Who loves instant results? We all do, right!?


The Formulate team was right there with support the entire time, they want you to love your product, so they request feedback from the moment you first use your personalized products. How cool is that? They will re-formulate it until you find your perfect match.

One of my lucky followers is going to WIN their very own set of personalized shampoo & conditioner – just click on the GIVEAWAY link below to enter!


Reason’s I love Formulate

1// After using it just ONCE, I felt an immediate difference in my hair. Combing through it after my shower was literally as smooth as butter. I was SHOCKED!  I have a lot of hair guys and it always so tangled after being washed! I’m super picky about conditioners because they have to be able to detangle my locks or else I can spend 15 minutes alone trying to comb out my wet hair. I was instantly impressed with how my hair was not tangled post-shower.

2// It’s a clean product! Paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free and made in the US! All things that I strive for when talking about a beauty product on my blog. If you’re not used to using a sulfate free shampoo, some people miss a big lather, but lather doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for your hair! And squeaky clean hair can actually mean you’re striping your hair of it’s essential natural oils. But just a warning, this shampoo doesn’t really lather – and that’s a good thing.

3// My scalp was in some desperate need of something to make the pain go away. And this worked! I was shocked!

4// I feel like my hair is less brassy and my color is better protected. My hair definitely looks healthier. Not that my hair was super frizzy before, but it’s more smooth now.

5// They can personalize your scent – and I love mine!

Here is a before and after pic of my air-dried, product-free hair.

I hope you try out Formulate! It’s so cool and feels super special to get a one-of-a-kind formula made just for your hair! And good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway!



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