Valentine’s Day with Kids

Can you believe it’s already Valentine’s Day? This day used to include romantic dinners & flowers — now it is full of heart shaped cookies, gifts for our girls and arts & crafts. I love this phase of life – even though I wouldn’t mind a romantic dinner alone with my hubby, but it’s just so fun to celebrate love with our little loves! So I thought I’d put together a cute list of ways you can celebrate this holiday with your little humans.

1// Valentine’s Books

I absolutely LOVE getting Avalon (and now London too) books about each and every holiday. That way she learns the background of why we celebrate it and gets excited when it actually happens because she knows a bit about it. This Disney personalized book is the perfect match for Valentine’s day! How cute is it that you can make your little one feel special by making them part of a Disney story?  Love it!

I also love THIS book and THIS one too – both great for Valentine’s day.

disney personalized book


2// Make a tradition with a memorable meal

Whether it be buying donuts for breakfast every Valentine’s Day. Or making heart-shaped pancakes…whatever it be. You can really make the day a memorable one by creating a tradition of serving the same special treat every Valentine’s Day! I love this idea and being that we aren’t home this year, it might be a hard year to start this. But it’s something I definitely have on my radar. How cute are these heart shaped pancake/egg molds?

heart pancake molds


3// Leave Love Notes

I love this one because leaving your child little love notes & positive affirmations around the house in cute little heart shapes is fun, but also builds them up and puts their mindset into a positive one right in the morning. And if your child can’t read themselves yet (like mine), then it can be really fun to read through these with them and go over words they might not know yet. All in all – it’s a great learning opportunity on so many levels.

love notes

What traditions do you have with your kids for Valentine’s Day? I would LOVE to hear them! We are still building our memorable moments for holidays like this – and we love learning what other families do! Please share!










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