London / 4 Month Update

I have never done baby updates on my blog before, but figured if anything it’s a fun way for me to look back at milestones for little Lo and reflect back on this post for months & years to come. So I hope you enjoy reading up on this chill little baby of ours as much as I know I will.

London got off to a bit of a rough start, but from the beginning I feel like her easy-going personality shone bright and now at 4 months old, her sweet demeanor has blossomed that much more. She is a very content & happy babe so we couldn’t be more grateful. She wakes up with a huge smile EVERY single day and it just lights up our world. Avalon LOVES seeing her smile first thing in the morning. She races to get on mom’s bed to see London’s face and they hug and snuggle – it’s the most heart-warming thing.


She is cooing constantly these days, and copying sounds we make, which is so fun to watch. And she is grabbing toys or anything else within reach for that matter and seems to be favoring her left, so we might have a leftie. Speaking of grabbing – she grabs for my hair constantly – and if Avalon is nearby – her hair also ends up in a tiny tight gripped hand. We are always prying her fingers off our hair – haha. She is also really trying to sit up on her own even though she can’t yet – so sometimes she gets frustrated if she’s been lying down too much. She is rolling over from back to front, but doesn’t love to stay on her tummy for very long. She loves her Sophie la Girafe – and a bunch of other teething toys. She has been the drooliest baby I’ve ever seen!  I never needed to buy drool bibs for Avalon – so this has been new territory for me. Her top is always soaked by 9 AM every day, and has been that way for well over a month now. But no teeth – so I think she’s just a drooly baby. So we just rotate bibs and change outfits a lot. Anyone else have a super drooly baby?

Here are our fave drool bibs.

London also seems very in-tune with what’s going on around her, she is already interested when she see’s me eat or drink and watches me with a lot of curiosity. But we haven’t done any food yet, even though the pediatrician said we could start to introduce food for fun. She laughs when I’m being silly, she gets excited when I dance and sing for her – she kicks her legs to join in the fun. She loves baths – especially when Avalon is in the tub with her. And when she needs to be distracted, the sound of water always calms her. She loves getting her diaper changed, or any outfit change actually – it’s so cute! She could be fussing and as soon as you unzip/unbutton her, she starts smiling and kicking her legs with excitement. Gets me everytime! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I got a few questions from followers for this post…so I thought I’d answer those next.

How is breastfeeding going? 

It’s going good! Considering I had just a 9 month break from breastfeeding during my pregnancy with London – it felt like I just picked it right back up like riding a bike. London had a feeding tube in the NICU, but once we were able to try breastfeeding in the hospital, she had a beautiful latch right away and we haven’t looked back. A much different experience with the second baby, so I’m very grateful it’s been going so well. I don’t pump at all – and I should, but I’m a bit lazy – or maybe just busy since Avalon is always ready to play if I’m not nursing little Lo. I do pump when I know Casey might need some milk if I’m going to be away from the house for more than 2 hours – but that’s really only happened a couple times. I love my Spectra s1 plus pump SOOOOOOO much better than the Medela that I used the first time around – it’s a lot gentler, and you can customize the settings to maximize your milk production. I highly recommend it.

Does London sleep through the night?

I almost don’t want to answer this question because I feel like as soon as I say yes out loud, she’s going to stop sleeping through the night. haha But hopefully that won’t happen. She has slept through the night almost from the get-go! She loves her night sleep and I can tell she really craves it once 6PM rolls around and we start her bedtime routine. Her older sister still doesn’t sleep through the night – sleep with Avalon was always a huge challenge – so it’s a totally different experience having a baby that sleeps during the night! More about her “schedule” below.

What is the one baby product you wouldn’t give up? 

I would never give up my Solly Baby Wrap – it’s the one thing that I literally don’t go a day without using. I have a few other styles of baby carriers, but this one just seems to snuggle London just right, she loves it and it’s the most comfortable one I have. I use it at home, out and about, everywhere! Guaranteed nap whenever she’s in there – or if she’s fussy, it immediately works to calm her down. She loves it – I love it!

Do you swaddle London? 

We actually ended up never swaddling London. They don’t swaddle babies in the NICU so she was never swaddled, and then when we got home, we just kept that trend going. We do use a halo sleep sack most nights, but not all the time. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


As much as I love a schedule, it’s just something we haven’t been strict about yet with London. Everything we do is baby-led…so London sleeps when she’s tired and eats when she’s hungry and I just watch her cues. And even though our schedule is very fluid, there is somewhat of a pattern. 4/5 AM ish – (new wake up time since turning 4 mo) London nurses on one side and goes back to sleep.  7 AM ish – Wakes to nurse on the other side, diaper change, then play time. 9 AM – Nurses both sides and typically falls asleep for a morning nap between 9:30 – 10:00 AM, her morning nap ranges from 20 minutes – 1 hour long, which is quite the range but it just depends on where she falls asleep and what environment she’s in and how quiet her sister is. 11 AM – Wakes, diaper change, nurses both sides, playtime. If her morning nap is a short one, she might take another 20 – 30 min snooze after eating again at 11. 1 PM – Diaper change, nurses both sides and typically falls asleep nursing and she’ll usually sleep a good hour or two at this nap. 3 PM – Wakes, diaper change, nurses both sides, play time. 4 PM ish – She’ll often nurse again and take a 20 min – 1 hour long nap. 5 PM – Nurses again, she will eat every hour in the evenings usually mixed in with some additional play time. 6 PM – I notice that whenever we push her nightly routine past 6 PM, she gets overtired and more fussy and then she just doesn’t enjoy getting ready for bed. But if we start our nighttime routine right at 6 PM, she enjoys it and goes to bed much easier. Normally, I don’t like to bath the girls every night, but with the excessive drool London has, her neck really needs a rinse down practically every night or else it get’s a bit stinky and red/irritated. So I like to give her a gentle rinse every night even with just a muslin washcloth and water. And she loves bathtime – so it’s just fun to see her kick her legs in the water and enjoy some water playtime. She also loves a little bedtime massage before bed. We also still use our owlet every night – so we put her foot monitor on at this time too. And then we will do a story or two with both girls. 6:45/7 PM ish – She typically nurses both sides and falls asleep nursing. She sleeps in bed with us, so then I just lay her down in bed. She’s usually asleep by 7:15…but just recently she’s been fighting bedtime a bit more and won’t fall deep asleep until 8 PM. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P3100117.jpg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some of our fave baby products this go-around

Every mom, every baby, every situation is so different. So the number one thing for every mom to remember is to do what fits for you, your life, your situation and your baby. That’s will always be the best thing to do. Don’t get caught up in the comparison game or thinking just because another mom is doing one thing, you need to as well. Because that just causes more stress than anything. So do you moms! 🙂

Thank you for reading,

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