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Anyone else love keeping a fully stocked nightstand? It’s like I love to be “packed” for any given need during the night. Or if I happen to be so tired but still want to somewhat get myself ready for bed, I can with all my beauty supplies that I have stowed away bedside. I’ve blogged before about a nighttime skincare regime – and that was a really popular post, but it was SO long ago. And instead of repeating it, I thought it might be fun to go over what’s on my nightstand since there are some key beauty products I like to keep within arms reach at all times when I’m in bed.


I’m going to spare you from going into all the baby supplies that also currently exist on my nightstand (and that were “tidied” up off my nighstand before these pics were taken). But I typically have Lo’s diapers, wipes, cloth diaper that i use as a burp cloth (they are SO soft), diaper cream, body cream, gas drops, saline spray and her nose frida. Wow – so she’s basically taken over a lot of real estate! But I still make sure to keep my beauty staples nearby. Lo hasn’t completely taken over!

So let’s get to my beauty must-haves for my nightstand.

1// Skin Gym Rose Sculpt Facial Tool

I am IN LOVE with this new tool I recently got. I already have a jade roller, which I love…but this sculpting tool is so cool and a workout for your face when you’re sitting in bed reading or watching TV before bed. I literally used it for 30 minutes the other night while watching Amy Schumer’s new Netflix special (which was so funny btw). I am addicted to this thing.

2// Trader Joes Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum

This item goes hand-in-hand with the above sculpting tool – because you want your skin to have some “slip” to it while using the sculpting tool so you’re not tugging or pulling on your skin too much. Because this serum isn’t pricey and very moisturizing, I love using it with my skin gym. I couldn’t link it because it’s at Trader Joes – but if you want a VERY affordable (I think under $10) serum – head to TJ’s and grab this one. I also love having this handy on my nightstand for those nights when I am too tired to do my full skincare regime.


3// Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This lip mask is a MUST HAVE for everyone! For real – please buy this and try it. I use it all day long, but it’s a must have before falling asleep. Our lips tend to dry out overnight – so putting this on at night will keep them supple until you wake up. I always apply this before bed.


4// Burt’s Bees Exfoliating Face Wipes

For those nights when I’m too tired to actually wash my face and do my 562 step nightime routine. Just kidding! It’s not 562 steps, but when you’re exhausted it feels like it so I like to keep these exfoliating face wipes on my nightstand for those nights I just can’t seem to get my act together, but still want to take off my makeup and give my face a cleanse before I get some serum on it. I follow with the TJ serum and then fall immediately asleep. I really do try to wash my face every night – but I like to have this as a backup plan and usually use them at least one night a week.


5// Kitsch Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

Have you heard how amazing Mulberry silk is for your hair? Well, let me tell you… It’s the best fiber for your hair because it’s so similar to human hair – so your hair just glides against it as not to break, it prevents hair loss and also doesn’t pull or crimp your hair as you sleep. It also smooths any frizz. Also – did you know that other materials like cotton can actually pull moisture OUT OF your hair?! So if you have dry hair – you could be making it more dry by sleeping on a cotton pillowcase too. They make mulberry silk pillowcases too, fyi. Silk is an investment – but one that you might love once you take the plunge!

6// Hydroflask

I actually drink so much of my daily water intake at night before bed. I also have a full ice-cold Hydro Flask of water on my nightstand. And most of time, it’s courtesy to my hubby for remembering to fill it up and bring it up to me while I nurse Lo to sleep at night. Thanks babe for keeping me hydrated!


7// Crystal Nail File

I don’t know why, but I always seem to find myself grooming my nails in bed. Or just filing them over really quick to give them a little shape and smoothing them over. I have used a crystal nail file for years and years now – and so this has lasted me forever. And it’s so much better for your nails. Glass nail files are more hygenic, they don’t tear the nail like a traditional emery board – they smooth the nail, sealing the cuticle and creating a stronger nail with extended use. It’s also a green product to use – because they can last a lifetime! And they are environmentally friendly because they are made from recycled materials, they can be recycled if need be. So if you’re trying to be more “green” – invest in a glass nail file! I’ve loved mine for years!

8// CND Rescue Rxx Daily Keratin Treatment

Post-pregancy, my nails have been in poor shape so I’ve been using this keratin treatment and I’ve noticed a big improvement. I haven’t been getting consistent mani’s and pedi’s these days. And this dries and gets absorbed quickly so I just brush it on a couple times a week before bed.


I guess this post just proves how lazy I can be sometimes – that I need all this stuff within reach of my BED! haha But what can I say? I love to do some self-care in comfort!

And here is a pic of what my nightstand really looks like on a daily basis… haha


What are your beauty must-haves on your nightstand?





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