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I look forward to Friday’s because I typically like to treat myself to a glass of wine on Friday night! It’s a little bit of happy in a pretty glass and just helps me re-set from the week and gets me into weekend mode. I love the whole ritual of it. And after becoming a mom, it’s important to me to find wine that doesn’t leave me with a headache the next morning – because we all know – momlife never stops! So finding a clean crafted wine with Scout & Cellar has been a major win for me. Even if you’re not a mom, why not drink a cleaner, healthier wine?!


I always try to shop clean beauty products & buy organic foods for our family – so why not also make an effort to shop for wine without chemicals, additives and pesticides? All of which are in most mass-produced wine. And I have to say, after trying a few bottles of Scout & Cellar,  I never once had that next-day headache! I was able to enjoy my wine and still rock waking up the next morning at 6 AM (ish) ready to play zoo with Avalon. Okay…let’s be honest…ready to rock after some coffee of course…but either way – no headache!

All the wines I’ve tried so far have been so drinkable – meaning, they would be crowd pleasers and go with a variety of food choices. But I was so impressed to see the vast selection of wines they do offer so you’re bound to find something you love!

I tried the Fieldhouse Rose, the Punkt Genau Gruner Veltliner and the Middle Jane Cabernet Sauvignon – all of which I want again!

You can shop all the wines HERE  — and definitely check out the Scout & Cellar Wine Club! Choose what wine options you would want, how frequently you’d want them shipped along with some discounts when you sign up – just like any other wine club. And let the wine come to you!!!  And be sure to check out the gram for a giveaway we are doing together! A follower will score a decanter and a GC to Scout & Cellar to stock up!



The essence of spring & summer in a glass – I am obsessed with this rose! So juicy and fruitful, this is going to be on repeat for sure! Rose is my go-to once the temps start rising…there is just something about a pink drink that makes me feel more like myself.




This one is the perfect summer wine imo! I love a refreshing, crisp white wine on a hot day and this one is perfect for those porch sipping happy hours. Or some day drinking around a beautiful snack board with your besties!




I’m a huge fan of a good cab – and this one may have been gone in 1 night…with my sister. It was the perfect addition to a Friday night homemade pizza party with family. And even after splitting the bottle with my sister, no headache the next day! I didn’t even feel like I had anything to drink the night before. This one was so yummy – it’s bold and somewhat fruity, but not in an overwhelming way. It’s just a very drinkable red – a great one to bring to a dinner party to please lots of people’s palates.



I really only collab with brands and people that I want to share with all of you…and Scout & Cellar is no different. I love that it was created by a woman and she’s built a company dedicated to making wine as natural, clean and healthy as possible. I’m officially obsessed and can’t wait for more to show up at my door!

Now it’s time to get stocked up for summer parties! Click HERE to shop! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway on Instagram!



A special thanks to Courtney Clem with Scout & Cellar for sponsoring this post! 


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