The Lash Lowdown

I have to be honest, I really don’t think I could go without my beloved lash extensions – I LOVE them! I was so skeptical which is why I took forever to finally dive in, but now that I’ve had mine for over a year…I am so happy I have them. But, they do not come without a commitment, so I wanted to give you all the lowdown on lash extensions and what to expect if you’re debating getting them.

Lash Extension Types

There are a few different types of lashes you can get; classic, volume or a hybrid of the two. I prefer a hybrid because I love the way it looks to have varied lash types & lengths. If you want your lashes to be very voluminous and “fluffier”, go with volume. Or classic can be a very natural look, but so can hybrid. The beauty of it is you can always switch it up when you get a fill (more on fills later). IMO, it’s good to start out with a natural look so you get used to them…instead of going for major drama out of the game. And then you can always get more volume put in when you get them filled again. Also, lash techs have varying levels of skill, most learn and start out on classic lashes…and then have to get further certified to do volume lashes. So be sure to ask those questions before you select a lash tech so ensure you’re going to someone who can give you the look you want.




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I would also recommend that you stay away from anyone pushing cluster extensions. Clusters are heavier lashes that have a bigger base and several lashes that fan out from that base, and typically are glued to several of your own lashes. So they are not a good long-term solution – because they can do more damage and not shed properly – like natural lashes do. So do your research and make sure someone isn’t doing cluster lashes on you.

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Lash Mapping

A good lash tech will listen & suggest ways of achieving your desire lash look. There are SO many different looks out there, so get on Pinterest before you go and narrow down what lash look you want. Here are some examples.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.42.27 AM.png

The Initial Appointment

Now you’ve done your homework and it’s time to get them done – it typically takes 2 hours for your first full set of lash extensions. And this initial full set will cost more as well.

Here are a few other tips:

DON’T wear eye makeup.

DO have clean/dry lashes – no day-old mascara allowed!

DO have clean hair – this may sound odd, like why does my hair affect my lashes? But you shouldn’t have any contact with water or steam on your face/lash area for 48 hours after your appointment to let the lashes fully set. So if you go with dirty hair, you’re going to have to wait another 2 days before washing it (ideally) so make sure you have clean locks for your appointment. I always wash my hair the morning of my lash fill, it’s become my routine. 🙂 .

DON’T wear heavy eye creams, sunscreen or moisturizers as these products can travel around the eye area and prevent the glue from setting properly.

DON’T curl your lashes the day of your appointment.

DO relax and let the lash tech do her thing.

Your eyes may water a bit during your appointment, just let the lash tech know and try to relax your eyes so that the watering can stop. And when you’re done, your lashes may feel heavy, like your lids are lifting light weights. But this feeling will go away and you’ll get use to them quickly.

Lash Maintenance

Talk about commitment…lash extensions ARE a big commitment! The cost, time and maintenance take effort. However, the EASE of being able to look pulled together more quickly and feel good about your eyes without having to put on any eye makeup is AMAZING you guys!

Lashes shed naturally and everyone has a different lash growth cycle – so you’ll get to know whether you need to schedule your fills every 2 or 3 weeks after you’ve worn your lash extensions for a bit. Some might even be able to go 4 weeks! I typically go every 2-3 weeks depending on my schedule. And I’ve actually noticed, sometimes my lashes shed more than other times – just depends. Lash fills take about an hour – so it’s not as long as the initial appointment.

Each lash extension is applied to a single lash – this is VERY important. So this means your lashes will continue to shed naturally and not too much “damage” should occur to your natural lash. More inexperienced lash techs may apply a single lash extension to 3-4 natural lashes – which would affect your natural lash shedding – meaning when that lashes “time is up” and it sheds, it’s going to pull out more natural lashes along with it or it could add too much weight to your natural lash causing it to break off. Or it could also lead to more glue clumps – which is also not fun because they can cause eye itchiness and damage. So it’s really important to pick your lash tech wisely!

A few other DO’s & DON’T’s

DO clean & brush your lash extensions. You should brush them daily and also clean them every few days with an oil-free cleanser. It’s important to be uber gentle when doing both of these tasks. The lash tech can show you exactly how to this. You typically get a little lash wand at every fill – I always have a few laying around in my purse, my bathroom, even my car! haha

I just got this cleaner and I love it – super gentle and I love how soft the brush applicator is on my eye area.

DON’T use any oil products around your eyes. Some mascara’s even have oils in them so make sure that if you do apply mascara to your lash extensions – it’s one that won’t affect the life-span of your new lashes. I don’t really wear mascara ever now unless I’m really trying to get dolled up.

DON’T expose them to too much water or steam. You can shower after that first 48, but just be aware that you shouldn’t run your face under the shower stream and wipe your eye area – this will affect your lash extensions.

DON’T touch/rub your eyes frequently.

DO schedule regular lash fills. If you go too long and your lashes are in rough shape, your lash tech could require a full set again. So it’s best to just keep up on the maintenance of getting your lashes filled every 2 – 3 weeks.

DO enjoy the benefit of being ready to go in 5 minutes! It’s life-changing! 🙂

If you’re local to the Denver area, I highly recommend Beauty Lounge in Lone Tree – so many great lash techs there. I go to Megan Kendrick and she’s great! But I have a good friend who’s in the process of getting lash certified so I’ve gone to her for a couple fills and so once she’s working – I’ll share her deets too!

I hope this post is helpful if you’re considering lash extensions – or even if you already have lash extensions and wanted a refresh on how to care for them properly. If any of you have any other lash specific questions, feel free to comment below or send me a message and I’ll happily respond!



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