The 3 bare minimum skincare products you NEED

Every dermatologist will tell you that these three things are the tried and true products you need in your skincare regime to best take care of your skin and to prevent aging. This is no secret, but it amazes me that not everyone knows so I’m sharing now!


All day, er’ day! AND Everyone! There is no better way to prevent aging than to wear sunscreen. EVERY dermatologist will tell you this. And even if you think you work in an office all day long or stay inside most of the time and aren’t exposed, you ARE exposed on your drive/commute, walking to/fro buildings, etc. It’s such an easy thing to put sunscreen on every damn day – just make it a new habit! I’ve had too many friends affected by melanoma and it’s scary! So not only does wearing sunscreen prevent aging, but it protects your health. And while you’re at it – make sure you apply it down your neck and chest and on the back of your hands and your arms if they are exposed too. The sun breaks down collagen faster than anything else – and we are losing collagen every year that goes by – so get ahead of it!

Here are a few of my fave daily sunscreens.

(These are ones that I recommend for daily use under makeup, not necessarily for a day at the pool or for on vacation, etc. – I typically use a different product for pool/vacation.)


This is another must-have in your skin care line-up. Vitamin C does amazing things for skin and everyone should be using one – at any age! It protects the skin from sun damage (but does not replace sunscreen), it’s a powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles by promoting collagen production, reduces under eye circles, speeds up healing, reduces skin discoloration, brightens your complexion, improves hydration (so it’s amazing to put on before your other skin moisturizers) and it’s just a well-rounded product that does wonders. If you’re young, start using this now and if not, same advice goes. Never too late to start taking care of your skin.

Again, here are a few faves.

3 // RETIN-A

Even though there are so many new technologies and products for anti-aging, Retin-A is a tried and true and any dermatologist will tell you it’s because it works. It’s been around for a long time, well studied and the proof is there – Retin-A improves skin texture, skin tone and can actually remodel skin on a cellular level. Retinol is a less potent form of Retin-A – so also a good ingredient to look for. Retin-A can be used effectively to treat acne, but is also for anti-aging. This powerful form of Vitamin A increases collagen formed in your skin, and has even been used to treat pre-cancerous skin cells. The thing with Retin-A is that it takes some time for the skin to adjust – it’s powerful stuff! So you can actually see redness, flakiness and peeling for up to 8 FULL WEEKS!!! But the longer the use and as long as it’s not overused- people can see some dramatic results with this stuff. The important thing to remember is that you want to look for a high quality product… because a lower quality one may make your skin more irritated than it needs to be. And I know Retin-A isn’t for everyone, but it’s one that has to be mentioned because it is a proven way to reduce the signs of aging. Since I’m nursing little Lo, I can’t be on one. So stay clear of this if you’re pregnant or nursing. But once I’m done nursing, I fully intend to invest in a good Retin-A product!

Here are some recs for a retinol over the counter – if you want to dive in for Retin-A – you’ll need a prescription.

The Paula’s Choice has rave reviews for people who have previously been sensitive to a retinol. The Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil is currently what I’m using since I can’t use a retinol – and I love it. It’s a trans-retinol ester instead of a traditional retinol – so less irritating and safer for nursing moms.

So there you have it – if you don’t do anything else for your skin or if you’re overwhelmed by all the choices out there, these are the top 3 products you should use on your skin to protect it for the long haul and prevent aging.

Cheers to our youth! And products that help us appear younger than we are! haha


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