Things I bought on Amazon Lately that I Love

I LOVE these types of posts! I always tend to read them and purchase from them because who doesn’t love when an amazon package shows up with some well recommended goodies inside?

There are A LOT of random buys on this list…but hopefully you find something that’s useful and helpful!



Easter Basket Fillers for Babies & Kids (1)

1 // Girls Ballet Tights 2 // Drink Box 3 // AmazonBasics Blackout Shade 4 // Hathaspace Marble Diffuser 5 // Puracy Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent 6 // Premium Taco Holder 7 // Mini White Noise Machine 8 // Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 9 // Simplehuman Butterfly Trash Can 10 // Make It Up Glamour Girl Pretend Makeup 11 // Jewelry Organizer

1 // Girls Ballet Tights – These are SO soft, my child is super sensitive to textures and anything that’s not comfortable or itchy. So these were a random find and they are amazing! They are SO high quality, are more resistant to pilling, and are going to last a lot longer than other tights we’ve purchased in the past. I was very impressed and will be buying more of these for her.

2 // Drink Box – This one came recommended by one of my fave bloggers, Becky Hillyard. I always have a hard time finding a good cup for when I make shakes for Avalon – and this one is awesome for that! I love it. Good for other drinks too – and nice that it clips tightly closed to prevent leaks too.

3 // AmazonBasics Blackout Shade – I have been super impressed with this shade – it really has make naps for London go smoothly and she sleeps longer. It would be awesome for travel too.

4 // Hathaspace Oil Diffuser – I LOVE the look of this one! I am new to diffusing oils, but I am officially addicted now. I literally use this every single day – it’s simple to use and works well. I want another one for upstairs.

5 // Puracy Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent – I first got turned on to their stain remover, which I’ve raved about on my IG stories on a few occasions. And now tried this and love it too.

6 // Premium Taco Holder – Tacos are a regular every week dinner in our house, which I know is most households everywhere! These make it super fun to prop up the tacos – easy to stuff the shells and not everything falls out.

7 // Mini White Noise Machine – So…we now have two of these. I bought one for our room and both Casey and I sleep SO much better now. It’s amazing how white noise can drastically improve your sleep. We just started putting Lo in her own room for naps, so I got one for her room now too. I’m just careful to keep it at a safe decibel level for her because this little, tiny thing can actually get pretty loud if you want it to.  Our lollipop camera measures the dB so it’s super easy to keep it under 65 dB so it doesn’t damage her hearing.

8 // Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop – My husband loves clean floors! haha In fact, whenever the floors are really cleaned, he’s the one that does it so he was stoked about this steam cleaner and has LOVED it! Hey, anything that will get your hubby excited about cleaning, right?

9 // Simplehuman Butterfly Trash Can – We originally wanted to convert one of our kitchen cabs to a pullout trash can, but it ended up being too hard to say goodbye to that storage space that’s currently being used. So we looked all over for a non-ugly trash can slim enough for a small space, attractive enough that I felt okay with it setting out, and functional so that it wouldn’t hit the counter – this WON by a landslide and I love it! Worth the hefty price tag – for real.

10 // Make It Up Glamour Girl Pretend Makeup – Avalon loves pretend makeup and her old set was starting to look a bit shabby. So I found this set and it’s high quality, it’s so cute and she loves playing with it. The brushes are so soft and don’t shed everywhere. Definitely a good buy…great gift too for those toddler girls in your life.

11 // Jewelry Organizer – I’ve been working on making some temporary fixes in organizing our master bedroom closet and this was so affordable I couldn’t pass it up. I wasn’t sure if I would like this but I LOVE it! I love being able to see my jewelry – I’ve actually worn pieces more often because now I don’t have to go digging for them and everything is visible so I don’t forget what I have. No more digging through jewelry box drawers.




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