Date Night (or day) Ideas

I will be the first to admit, a regular weekly date night is not something we have been good at scheduling…like ever! But I know it’s important as parents to be able to get away from the babes every so often and just get back to being Casey & Sarah instead of Mom & Dad 24/7.

We just had our 7 year wedding anniversary this last Saturday and had an amazing few hours together (thanks to Nana for watching our girls) and it was so refreshing! I wanted to put together a few fun date night (or day) ideas to share with you all so when you do get some time to spend just the two of you, you enjoy it to the fullest!


This outfit makes me feel a little flirty – a lace top is always a good idea for a date! It’s definitely not something I wear out & about when I’m mommin’ – so even the way I dress for a date makes me mentally be able to get out of mom-mode for a little bit.



Pearl Hairclip Set // Lace Zara Top // Denim // Heels 



Something so freeing about carrying a tiny little clutch instead of a huge diaper backpack with everything for every possible scenario! Amirite? 😉


1 // Couples Massage

This is FOR SURE our go-to! I turned Casey on to spa days when we were first engaged and he is now just as addicted as I am. We absolutely LOVE getting into those spa robes & slippers, enjoying adult bevs in the relaxation lounge together and then getting our couples massage. Before kids, this is how we always started our vacations because it gets you into vacay mode right away!

2 // Comedy Show

Casey and I LOVE to laugh & we love inappropriate humor. We both just feel fun & young again when we see a good comedian and get our laugh on. It’s the best feeling to just get out of your own life & mundane tasks for a bit and be able to laugh out loud.

3 // Take a Cooking Class (or any kind of class)

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone together makes you re-connect and learn something new about each other.

4 // Just grab a drink 

I feel like as parent of young babes, sometimes it’s hard to get away for any significant amount of time. So sometimes just a drink together, and maybe an app or two, is the way to go. It’s fun to sit at bar and re-connect over a drink. Doing this at a trendy bar might even make you feel even more cool! 😉

5 // Try something new together

Whether that’s going to get cryotherapy, a ropes course, an escape room or even just renting your husband’s dream car to go on a joy ride together in the mountains for a couple hours! Doing something new can be really energizing and gets you more re-connected than going to dinner & a movie.

Speaking of planning dates, who else is loving this season of The Bachelorette? I am behind one episode and can’t wait to get caught up tonight!!!

Tag me if you use one of these date ideas! Would love to see what you all are up to with your SO’s!




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